The manufacturing cost of 10,000 yuan iPhone is less than 3,000?Qualcomm baseband is the most expensive, Japan and South Korea make the most of it

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  The manufacturing cost of 10,000 yuan iPhone is less than 3,000?Qualcomm baseband is the most expensive, Japan and South Korea make the most of it

Xinshi News on November 26, according to foreign media reports, recently, “Nikkei News” cooperated with experts from Fomalhaut Techno Solutions in Tokyo, Japan, to disassemble the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro released in October this year, and their components. sources were analyzed.

According to Fomalhaut, according to the dismantling results, the manufacturing cost of the iPhone 12 Pro is 406 US dollars (about 2842 yuan), of which components from South Korea and the United States account for 26.8% and 21.9% of the overall cost, respectively, and the total is nearly half, and South Korea supplies The proportion of commercial parts has exceeded that of domestic suppliers in the United States.

Compared with the previous-generation iPhone 11, the share of parts from South Korean suppliers rose by around 9.1%, while the share of US parts fell by 3.9%. “Nikkei News” believes that Japanese and South Korean suppliers are becoming more and more important in Apple’s supply chain.

But the most expensive of the components is the Qualcomm X55 5G baseband chip, which costs $90, more than the $70 Samsung OLED screen.

The manufacturing cost of 10,000 yuan iPhone is less than 3,000?Qualcomm baseband is the most expensive, Japan and South Korea make the most of it

List of main parts of iPhone 12 Pro:


High-end mobile phone OLED screen is firmly controlled by Samsung

One of the main reasons for the increase in the proportion of components in South Korea is that the entire series of Apple’s iPhone 12 uses OLED screens, which are provided by two South Korean suppliers, Samsung and LGD.

In the field of small-size OLED screen technology, Samsung still dominates, so Samsung’s position in Apple’s supply chain has risen rapidly.

As for LCD screens, Apple still uses them on low-end iPhone models such as the iPhone SE 2. These LCD screens are mainly from some Japanese screen suppliers.


The bulk of the storage is controlled by South Korea, and the Pro version of the camera is exclusively provided by Sony

In addition to OLED screens, Samsung also provides memory chips for the iPhone 12 series. The flash memory chips of the iPhone 12 series are provided by Samsung, while the memory particles are provided by SK Hynix.

Japan’s Sony is the main supplier of the CMOS image sensor used in the three lenses of the iPhone 12 Pro. The sensor chips are priced at $5.4 to $7.4 each.

In the new 5G iPhone 12 series, for noise control and circuit protection, Apple uses a number of high-end capacitor devices, mainly from Japan’s Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Japan’s Taiyo Yuden. These high-end components are still firmly controlled by Japanese companies.

According to the dismantling, there are more than 1,600 capacitive devices that can be observed on the circuit board of the iPhone 12, and the total cost is about a few dollars.


Motors and batteries shrink, and Chinese components cost less than 5%

Although the iPhone 12 supports 5G, the body weight and size control are better. According to the disassembly, this is mainly due to its use of a smaller vibration motor and battery. The motor has been shrunk by a third and the weight has been reduced by more than 10 grams.

The capacity of the battery has also been reduced by around 10%, leaving room for other parts. The batteries are exclusively supplied by Amperex Technology, a Hong Kong subsidiary of Japan’s TDK.

According to the dismantling, in the iPhone 12, parts made in China account for less than 5% of the total manufacturing cost. Nikkei believes that this may be because Apple is worried that the Sino-US trade friction will bring uncertainty, so it deliberately reduces the proportion .

It is worth noting that the main production plants of Apple’s iPhone series are still mainly concentrated in mainland China. In terms of manufacturing, Apple is still unable to reduce its dependence on China in a short period of time. However, Apple is now also asking Chinese manufacturers to build factories in Southeast Asia and other places.


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