Nanniwan plans to ingest Huawei’s companies to pave the way for “counterattack”

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Recently, the Qichacha website shows that Huawei’s Hubble Investment Co., Ltd. has invested in Hubei Jiutongfang Microelectronics Co., Ltd. in the field of EDA software. The company is a provider of integrated circuit design tools and an advanced representative of domestic integrated circuit design tools.

Nanniwan plans to ingest Huawei’s companies to pave the way for “counterattack”

Source: Enterprise Check

According to OFweek, Hubei Jiutongfang Microelectronics Co., Ltd. has undergone industrial and commercial changes, and its shareholders have newly added Hubble Technology Investment Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Hongtu Shanli Private Equity Investment Fund Partnership (Limited Partnership), accounting for 15% and 5% of the shares respectively. %.

Nanniwan plans to ingest Huawei’s companies to pave the way for “counterattack”

Source: Enterprise Check

Who is Jiutongfang Microelectronics Co., Ltd.?

According to the company’s data, Jiutongfang Microelectronics Co., Ltd. is a provider of integrated circuit design tools and an advanced representative of China’s integrated circuit design tools. The company provides high-quality services for global IC design. In 2014, it was selected as a comprehensive pilot enterprise for modern services. .

The business of Jiutongfang Microelectronics mainly covers the fields of communication, national defense, electronics, electrical, automotive, medical and basic science. Its products are mainly used in integrated circuits, high-speed interconnection SI, mobile phones, etc.

The company can provide enterprises with complete IC process design tools, and has formed the IC design full-process simulation capabilities of IC circuit original design, circuit principle simulation, and 3D electromagnetic field full-wave simulation, and supports the provision of EDA software for civil and military IC design.

Importance of EDA Software

EDA is the abbreviation of Electronics Design Automation, which means Electronic design automation, which is one of the core areas of chip design. It is a computer-aided design software system developed on the basis of electronic CAD technology. It integrates the latest achievements in the application of electronic technology, computer technology, information processing and intelligent technology. It is currently widely used in electronics, communications, aerospace, machinery, etc. an area.

EDA software does not just refer to one or several softwares. It is a software group of nearly 100 technologies. It is an essential tool for current chip design, and constitutes the three foundations of integrated circuits with semiconductor materials and equipment. EDA software can greatly improve the efficiency of chip design, and play a significant role in chip manufacturing, packaging and testing.

However, EDA software is currently monopolized by three American companies, Cadence, Synopsys, and Mentor, occupying most of the world’s market and about 95% of the domestic market share. This kind of strong monopoly greatly compresses the development of the domestic EDA industry, and affects the pace of research and development in the domestic EDA market, making domestic manufacturers rely on it.

Challenges Facing the Domestic EDA Software Market

However, this U.S. ban is another turning point for the EDA software market, which will force the development of the domestic semiconductor market. After the three major U.S. EDA giants stopped cooperating with Huawei, many leading domestic companies have also realized the importance of independent technology. Even if Huawei HiSilicon has the world’s leading chip design technology, without the latest EDA software, it will have an impact on advanced chip production. This is one of the serious effects of the US ban on Huawei.

For the domestic EDA market, the most powerful company should be Huada Jiutian Company, which is also the EDA software used by many domestic chip manufacturers, accounting for the vast majority of the remaining 5% of the domestic market share. This year, BGI announced in nine days that it will officially announce the launch of one-stop wafer manufacturing engineering services, effectively breaking the monopoly of foreign technology. In addition, the Foundry-specific EDA tools launched by BGI are leading the world, among which the layout and mask data processing software performance ranks first in the world. At the same time, in the field of Display panels, BGI is the only supplier in the world that can provide full-process EDA solutions. .

In addition, there are EDA software companies such as Xinhe Technology and Galen Electronics in China. Their main development areas are concentrated in high-end semiconductor device modeling, large-scale high-precision integrated circuit simulation and optimization. However, it is not easy for the domestic EDA software market to catch up with the leading foreign technology level. Since EDA software is a software group composed of multiple softwares, even if domestic breakthroughs are made in several of these softwares, there are still many problems in the face of complete software technology. The technical barriers require a long period of technical support.

At the same time, EDA software requires a large demand for equipment and talents, which is currently not satisfied in China. EDA software not only needs to be developed, but also needs to be run-in with chip factories and wafer factories for a long time, and good results can be obtained through long-term investment, research and development, and optimization, which is not an overnight thing. What’s more, the current domestic chip manufacturers and fabs are backward in technology, coupled with the lack of talents, the domestic EDA software research and development road is difficult.
Expand the layout and have invested in more than 20 companies
According to the company’s information, since its establishment, Hubble Investments has invested in 23 companies and as many as 20 in 2020, most of which are mainly involved in key markets such as semiconductor materials and equipment. This is also the United States. The main areas of the ban.

The list of 23 companies is as follows: Tianke Heda, Jiehuat Microelectronics, Deep Thinking, Haoda Electronics, Qinghong Electronics, Kunyou Optoelectronics, Xingang Coast, Dongxin Semiconductor, Yuanjie Semiconductor, Fuene Technology, Dongwei Semiconductor , Shandong Tianyue, New Consensus, Yutai Microelectronics, Siruipu, Core Vision Microelectronics, Onray Micro, Full Core Microelectronics, Zhonglan Electronics, Han Tiancheng, Zonghui Xinguang, Canqin Technology, Jiutongfang Microelectronics.

Due to the strict sanctions imposed by the United States, Hubble Investment Co., Ltd. can also be regarded as a means of counterattack by Huawei. It builds a domestic independent ecological chain by investing in shares and effectively avoids the United States’ “choking” behavior again. Most of the companies invested by Hubble are concentrated in the 5G and semiconductor industries, covering connectors, radio frequency devices, third-generation semiconductor materials, power semiconductors and other fields, which highly overlap with Huawei’s own business.

About Hubble Technology Investment Co., Ltd.

Hubble Technology Investment Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned company established by Huawei in April 2019 and is a subsidiary controlled by Huawei. At the beginning of its establishment, the company’s registration cost was 700 million yuan, and two follow-up investments were made in January and October 2020, with the current registered capital of 2.7 billion yuan.

Source: OFweek Weike Network

Hubble Investment is a company that does not quite conform to Huawei’s ideas. Huawei did not pay much attention to investment before this. The largest investment was the acquisition of Symantec for US$530 million in 2011. Ren Zhengfei also said, “In principle, we do not invest abroad. Investing means buying her things for the rest of your life, because she is my daughter-in-law. buy that.”

However, Hubble Investment is quite successful in terms of investment. Among the 23 companies it invested in, from the performance point of view, there has been one project IPO, one project has passed the meeting, one project has been declared, and two projects are in IPO counseling. middle.

Among them, Siruipu is the most successful company in investment. It was listed on September 21 this year and has a current market value of 32 billion yuan. Hubble’s stock market value is as high as 1.9 billion yuan. In July 2019, Hubble Investment acquired 2.24 million additional shares issued by SRIP for only 72 million yuan. The unit price of the capital increase was 32.13 yuan per share. After the investment, SRIP was valued at 900 million yuan, a multiple of return. more than 25 times.

Canqin Technology, another company invested by Hubble Investments, has recently passed the review of the Science and Technology Innovation Board Listing Committee and will soon be listed on A-shares.

Hubble’s investment in Hubei Jiutongfang Microelectronics Co., Ltd. is one step in Huawei’s efforts to build an independent technology industry chain. Although the development of EDA software in China is difficult, it is believed that under the leadership of a large company with technical advantages such as Huawei, it will have a better development direction. plagued by tech bans.

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