Nokia Ranks No. 1 in 5G Patents, Huawei Starts Charging Patent Fees

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When it comes to 5G, everyone will think of Huawei. Yes, in the field of 5G, Huawei is the number one. According to the latest report from research institute IPlytics, as of February 1, 2021, Huawei ranked first in the world in 5G patent applications with a 15.39% share. In terms of 5G, Huawei is definitely a pioneer, and in this field, Huawei has achieved a lot.

A few days ago, at an event, Huawei officially announced that 5G patent fees will be collected. After the news appeared, some netizens also commented, saying that Huawei has taken the lead again this time, and the 5G performance is so good that it is really powerful to charge patent fees for 5G mobile phones now. To put it directly, Huawei officially announced that 5G patent fees have begun to be collected. Netizens shouted: Too powerful!

Recently, Nokia officially announced that Nokia is in a leading position in the field of 5G standard-essential patents. On April 28, Nokia officially announced that in a latest research report (April 2021) by an independent third-party consulting agency PA Coulting, Nokia ranked first in 5G patents.

Nokia believes that the strength of its industry-leading 5G patent portfolio has once again been confirmed by an independent third party. In this study on standard-essential patents published by PA Coulting, Nokia ranked first in terms of patents granted for the 5G standard.

According to Nokia, this is the second time that Nokia’s leadership in 5G SEPs has been confirmed by the PA Coulting study, and it was also ranked number one in the agency’s last research report in 2019. The agency conducted its own technical analysis of the 5G patent landscape, investigating whether patents are truly critical to the 5G standard, rather than relying on patent holders’ own original filing numbers.

Nokia has the world’s largest number of 5G authorized patents, reviving the debate over who has more influence over the 5G standard. Huawei has previously claimed to have the most 5G patents.

There has always been a lot of controversy as to which communications company has the most 5G patents. This is due to differences in the statistical standards of 5G patents and the different samples used by various analysis agencies. Some analysis agencies use the number of 5G patent applications as the statistical basis, while others use the number of patent grants as the basis, and some analysis agencies will consider the quality of patents.

Statistics released by the analysis agency IPlytics in 2019 gave a rather controversial ranking. In terms of the number of patents granted, Samsung ranks first, followed by Nokia, LG, Huawei and ZTE from second to fifth.

As for which countries have the most 5G patented technologies, the operator Caijingwang has sorted out and found that the current number of 5G patents in China is more than twice that of the United States.

Advantage 1: The number of 5G patents in China has increased to 40%, which is more than the sum of the United States and Japan

According to the 5G patent report released by the German patent data company IPlytics, as of April this year, China’s 5G patents accounted for 40% of the global 5G patents, an increase of 50% compared with the patents in the 4G era, while the United States ranked fourth, 5G patents The proportion is only 13.91%, and Japan ranks sixth. The combination of the two cannot even match the number of 5G patents of Huawei.

Among them, Qualcomm’s 5G patents, which are proud of the 4G era, only accounted for 8.19%. In the SEP ranking of 5G standard essential patents published by the IPlytics data agency, Huawei ranked first with 2,160; Nokia ranked second with 1,516 1; ZTE surpassed Samsung with 1,424. The most noteworthy is Qualcomm, which has only 921, and is far behind by Huawei and ZTE.

It can be said that in the era of 3G and 4G, Qualcomm is the well-deserved overlord, and in the era of 5G, China has made an astonishing reversal in patent technology. Although the United States has suppressed ZTE and Huawei several times, it is undeniable that China is better than the United States in terms of 5G patents. Faster than just a little bit.

“knowledge is power”. Intellectual property is the exclusive right to the intellectual labor results created by human beings in social practice. With the development of science and technology, the intellectual property system has emerged and been continuously improved. In the field of advanced technology, the establishment of intellectual property rights will affect the future market competition pattern.

5G and 6G have been the focus of competition in the intellectual property field in the past two years. The attribution of standard essential patents under the current 5G standard architecture has been basically determined. According to the evolution model of “commercial generation, planning generation” of mobile communication, the research of 6G standard has already started around the world. The 5G patent contribution territory has been set, the 6G patent track has been fired, and my country’s position on intellectual property protection has become increasingly firm.

It is believed that with the gradual advancement of 5G patent licensing negotiations, the public opinion competition among the world’s major SEP holders will enter a new climax. Realization” fierce competition.

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