Global gaming monitor panel shipments were 5.74 million, double down for the first time

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In the past two years, for the first time in a single quarter, the global e-sports Display panel market has experienced double declines year-on-year and month-on-month. International market research organization Wit Display “Global Gaming Display Panel Report” pointed out that in the third quarter of 2021, global gaming display panel shipments were 5.74 million units, a 12% drop from the previous month and 11% year-on-year.

Wit Display, an international market research organization, believes that there are three main reasons for the double drop in the global gaming display panel market in the third quarter: First, the Bitcoin price peaked in the third quarter, and the meta-universe concept continued to heat up, which continued to promote the mining boom. Graphics cards are more in short supply; secondly, shipping has been blocked since the second quarter, and the time for ship arrival and unloading has been greatly extended, leading to a high inventory of brand manufacturers’ gaming monitors in the third quarter; third, the demand for home office in Europe and the United States has fallen, and the B2C market With weaker demand, brands are cautious about sourcing e-sports display panels.

Wit Display, an international market research organization, predicts that in 2022, as the demand for home office in Europe and the United States further declines, terminal brands will maintain a cautious attitude towards purchasing e-sports display panels.

From the perspective of the structure of e-sports display panel suppliers, the current main suppliers are AUO, TCL China Star, and BOE, and the three panel manufacturers have a market share of over 80% in the third quarter. Originally, AUO intended to take the lead after SDC withdrew from the gaming display panel market, but under the strong offensive of TCL Huaxing and BOE, the market share was squeezed to below 40% in the past two quarters. As TCL Huaxing and BOE further increased After the layout, the tri-power competition for hegemony gradually formed.

There is a clear trend in the large-size gaming display panel market, with 27-inch and above sizes accounting for nearly 70% of shipments in the third quarter. The size below 27 inches gradually concentrated to 23.8 inches, especially in the third quarter.

At present, the high refresh rate has become the standard configuration of e-sports display panels under the education of brands and players. The mainstream specifications of 144Hz and 165Hz accounted for 80% of the shipments in the third quarter.

International market research organization Wit Display “Global Gaming Display Panel Report” provides a multi-angle, multi-level in-depth analysis of the global Gaming Display Panel market, including global market shipment tracking and customer/product/size/technology, etc. Multi-dimensional reference data to reflect market size, unit price, changes and future trends.

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