Apple will become a 5G winner? What are the major trends in the technology industry in 2020?

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In 2019, the technology industry was full of surprises. The stock prices of Microsoft, Google, Apple, Amazon, Alibaba, Tencent, and Facebook continued to rise, and some popular startups went public. We saw a major security breach in WhatsApp, Apple’s legendary designer Ivey left, and Google gained “quantum supremacy.”

In the same year, Samsung launched a folding screen mobile phone, Facebook broke into the cryptocurrency market, Uber did not perform well despite its IPO, Alibaba founder Jack Ma stepped down, and the trade war continues.

Entering 2020, what trends in the technology industry are we looking forward to? Next, let us look at the forecast of “International Vision”.

AI will not enter winter in 2020, but the heat will definitely drop. At the beginning, everyone was enthusiastic about AI. Later, companies discovered that deep learning technology has great limitations. It is difficult to find gold mines from data.

However, there is one technology that will rise in popularity, and it is blockchain technology. In 2020, the blockchain may be officially recognized, and the central banks of some countries are preparing to launch their own digital currencies. The behind-the-scenes applications related to the blockchain will continue to evolve. In the consumer market, if the popular blockchain App appears, we may be able to see the potential of the decentralized network market. In any case, the madness and speculation in the cryptocurrency market will continue.

In order to get rid of dependence on the United States, chips designed by China will spring up like bamboo shoots after a rain in 2020. What role will US companies (such as Qualcomm) and US R&D projects (such as RISC-V) play on China’s pursuit of chip autonomy? This issue deserves our attention.

In the US market, Alibaba, Tencent, and ByteDance may retreat, and they may pay more attention to the European market. In the past, Chinese startups liked to go public in the United States. In 2020, they may fall in love with Shanghai. Ant Financial has long been planning an IPO, and it may eventually choose Hong Kong or the mainland, or it may be listed in both places at the same time.

In the past, China did not pay much attention to data security, but the situation may change in 2020.

In the past 10 years, there is only one kind of Electronic device that really has a pivotal position, and it is the smart phone. From the current situation, the smart phone is still the top priority in 2020. It is expected that Apple will launch a 5G iPhone, and the deployment of 5G wireless networks will accelerate, so there may be many users who upgrade their mobile phones in 2020. Nevertheless, we should not overestimate 5G, the progress it brings is only gradual, not revolutionary. In any case, 5G will definitely bring a new style to mobile games and mobile video.

Silicon Valley is inventing new things that want to separate the eye and finger experience. In the past 18 months, AirPods have become fashionable. It tells us that wireless earphones are replacing smart watches as the new focus of wearable accessories.

According to IDC estimates, shipments of “earwear” (devices worn on the ears) reached 139.4 million in 2019, which is equivalent to twice the sales of smart watches; by 2023, the estimated number will climb to 237.3 million. In 2020, Amazon, Google, and Samsung may continue to work hard to turn headsets into virtual assistant platforms. Many companies will imitate AirPods and launch new products, which will be unveiled at CES in January.

By the end of 2020, video games will once again become the protagonist, when Microsoft and Sony will launch next-generation game consoles. The new Xbox and PlayStation 5 will support 8K resolution and Ray Tracing technology. In addition, in 2020, Microsoft will push cloud game services to compete with Google Stadia, and cross-platform multi-player games will continue to be popular. In the past 10 years, we have predicted time and time again that game consoles will die, but they are still alive. Beginning in 2020, game consoles may be truly on the road to death. Regardless of life or death, the game market will continue to prosper.

2020 technology trend forecast:

—— In 2020, 5G will be on the right track, and Apple will become a 5G winner.

——The United States will strengthen its control over several major technology giants, including Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Alphabet, but their business models will not change.

—— Tesla’s Shanghai plant will accelerate production, and Tesla cars will be successful in China.

——Microsoft and Amazon are fighting in the cloud market, and Microsoft will win the next stage.

-Streaming media wars will be divided between winners and losers. Disney will win some users from Netflix.

——The encryption security market will be consolidated, and financial companies and strategic buyers will look for prey and acquire providers.

——Uber is very likely to adjust or abandon Uber Eats because its food delivery business has extremely low profits and lacks competitiveness.

-Apple, Google, and Amazon will further penetrate into the healthcare and banking industries.

– In order to catch up with Amazon and Microsoft in the public cloud market, Google may initiate strategic acquisitions.

——Quantum computing will become the key to future progress. In 2020, more companies will invest more resources in quantum computing.

——In the Internet age, how to turn content into money? This is a difficult problem for publishers. In 2020, they may turn to AI technology for help.

——The voice assistant will enter the car. In 2020, the in-car voice experience will evolve, and drivers will see some new features coming.

——In the retail field, technologies such as AI, VR, and AR will have a higher status.

——No cashier, independent retail technology will spread rapidly.

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