Lei Jun’s stealing iPhone was exposed: the rice noodles quit in an instant

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Old friends who are familiar with the digital field of technology should know that Xiaomi Technology CEO Lei Jun has always been using his own Xiaomi mobile phone, and he can even be seen at every presentation. He can be regarded as the spokesperson of Xiaomi mobile phone, but there are Xiaomi fans recently. (Mi Fan) captured Lei Jun’s iPhone response on Weibo, which caused many Mi Fans to feel disappointed and expressed dissatisfaction. Finally, Lei Jun immediately deleted this palindrome, detonating the Internet topic.

Lei Jun’s stealing iPhone was exposed: the rice noodles quit in an instant

Lei Jun will be found using the iPhone. The main reason is a big-faced superman, a loyal Xiaomi fan who initially cheered for Lei Jun. “Lei Jun, this year is the year that Xiaomi has turned the corner. Come on!”, and then Lei Jun. I also responded with two smiley faces, but the device displayed “from iPhone client”, which caused the fan to be dissatisfied. He directly captured the picture and said that Mr. Lei, you broke my heart by replying to me with the iPhone client! 8 years of rice noodles, I am a Mi 2~K20 Pro user!

Lei Jun’s use of the iPhone will cause controversy. Many Mi Fans believe that since the CEO of Xiaomi is also the spokesperson, how can the iPhone be used? Is it that Xiaomi is not good? There are even netizens who say “lied you to buy Xiaomi and use Apple yourself”, “Using Xiaomi is for work, using Apple is for life” and other messages, there are still many rice fans underneath, and they have expressed that this may be issued by an assistant and use an iPhone. What’s weird?

In the end, Lei Jun seemed to find that the signs were wrong, and immediately deleted this response, but Lei Jun’s iPhone reply had already been circulated by screenshots. Afterwards, Lei Jun did not further clarify the matter, which seemed to imply that Lei Jun was using an iPhone.

Lei Jun’s stealing iPhone was exposed: the rice noodles quit in an instant

Weibo user Qin Yiyi said:

“Lei Jun and Ren Zhengfei both use iPhones. After Li Nan left, they immediately changed to iPhones. One of Shen Yiren’s main machines was also the iPhone. Most digital bloggers praised the Android flagships of various manufacturers as a wild flower. It was still a few years ago”, but the main machine is still the iPhone… Various facts have proved that the iPhone is still the best smartphone.”

Follow-up Xiaomi senior partner Pan Jiutang also immediately jumped out to escort Lei Jun, saying that the boss or product manager of a mobile phone company claimed not to try and experience Apple Samsung products and competing products, either hypocrisy, or incompetent or careless about the product. Finally, it emphasizes that technological innovation and progress are not about everyone’s own epiphany in a house or temple. Using the iPhone is for research, and it can also make Xiaomi more advanced.

From the above point of view, in the past, I saw a lot of Apple’s shadow on the appearance and official website of Xiaomi mobile phones. It should not be a big secret that Xiaomi CEO will use iPhone. I want to ask everyone if Lei Jun uses iPhone or iPad, but for Is it appropriate for the CEO of Xiaomi Mobile to continue to use the iPhone for research?

Conclusion: There are many exaggerated reviews on the market that tout the excellent specifications of Android devices. In fact, most of their lives still use the iPhone. Since the iPhone is not caught up with Android devices by some reviewers, if you add another sentence ” I use a lot of Apple devices to slap myself. Isn’t it weird?

Finally, what Mingmei Wuxian wants to say is: whether it is the boss of a certain Android mobile phone manufacturer who is secretly using Apple’s iPhone, or for the so-called “competitive product research”, anyway from these exposures. In terms of content, Apple’s iPhone has always occupied an absolute benchmark in the technological digital mobile phone market.

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