Focus on industrial upgrading 2021 China Database Industry Summit to reshape the development path

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According to, on December 24, the “2021 China “Database Industry Summit and Database Innovation Achievement Conference” was grandly held in Beijing.

The development of China’s database industry is inseparable from the hard work of experts and scholars. The conference invited academicians Ni Guangnan and Dai Hao of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Mingtao Changjiang, Deputy Director of the Information Technology Development Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Zhou Yunfeng, Deputy Director of the Information Network Center of the Ministry of Finance, Meng Hongtao, Director of the System Innovation Application Division of the Information Technology Development Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and Chief of China Electric Power Information Officer, Director, Deputy Director of Science and Technology Committee Qing Yu, President of Taiji Co., Ltd. (27.180, -0.52, -1.88%) and Chairman of Renda Jincang Xiao Yi, Leader of Database Subject Wang Shan, Deputy Director of Xinchuang Center of China Software Evaluation Center Zeng Jin provides advice on the development strategy of China’s database industry.

The rapid growth of the digital economy has also spurred the innovative vitality of the database industry. The National Institute of Information and Communications Technology’s “Database Development Research Report (2021)” estimates that by 2025, China’s database market will reach 68.8 billion yuan, with a compound annual growth rate of 23.4%. In the next five years, my country’s database market has a huge space.

Inclusive technology tests corporate social responsibility. In this summit, NPC Jincang combined with Oriental Jinxin, massive data (15.390, 0.39, 2.60%), Xugu Weiye, Yijingjie, Tencent Cloud, Verizon Bairui, Youxuan Software, Shanghai Congyun, Jushan Database , ZTE Corporation (33.130, 1.08, 3.37%), NTU General Motors and other 12 companies successfully issued the “Regulate Industry Rules, Resist Unfair Competition, Purify the Market Environment” Proposal Declaration to promote the construction of the database field with new development concepts, and accelerate integration into the country A new development pattern in which the international double cycle promotes each other.

The future competition is the competition of talents. China’s basic software (operating system, database, middleware) is weak, and R&D talents are in short supply, which seriously affects the development of the industry. Therefore, the database professional committee of the Chinese Computer Society joins hands with the National People’s Congress to take on the mission of revitalizing the industry, and unites with Renmin University of China, Shandong University, Beijing Institute of Technology, Southwest University, Beijing Jiaotong University, Dalian Maritime University, Xinjiang University, Beijing Information Technology University, Chongqing Post and Telecommunications Ten universities, including the University and Tianjin University of Science and Technology, initiated the “Nuclear Program” for talent training in the database industry, and Professor Du Xiaoyong, assistant to the president of Renmin University of China, took the stage to witness.

The “Nuclear Plan” aims to break the bottleneck of the database industry development, establish a database of database core research and development experts, realize the three-way assistance of talents, enterprises, and industries, and help China’s database industry to move forward steadily.

With the increasing number of scenarios and needs of enterprises, cloud computing technology and distributed database technology have become key technology development trends. At this conference, NPC Jincang released the Jincang cloud database service management and control platform KRDS, which is based on a multi-cloud environment. It takes into account installation, deployment, migration, development, operation and maintenance, and monitoring alarm performance. It simultaneously supports the integration of KES, KADB, MySQL, and PostgreSQL databases. The product is equipped with hyper-converged technology of one-stop database flexibly to the cloud.

In response to the challenge of large-scale database system migration for central enterprises, the National People’s Congress Jincang has upgraded its core product KES, equipped with a highly cohesive and low-coupling scalable kernel architecture, ensuring rapid product iteration while maintaining stability, and supporting high concurrency and massive data Computing power requirements, with automatic discovery of problems, diagnosis of problems, and self-healing of abnormal occurrences to avoid business interruption. The application development capability is doubled, and the performance is comparable to that of the international leading manufacturer Oracle.

The fundamental way out for China’s information industry is to build an independent technological system and ecology. Basic software is the soul of a new generation of information technology and a key support for the construction of Digital China. Only with the continuous iterative update of technology can the database industry go further. In 2021, NPC Jincang will serve more than 3,000 customers focusing on user needs and technological innovation.

Enterprises need to build leading data infrastructure. The domestic database industry started late, and the early commercial databases were monopolized by leading foreign companies such as Oracle. The National People’s Congress Jincang and Kylin Software, Tongxin Software, Dongfangtong (28.300, 0.14, 0.50%) Software, and Powerland (77.510, -1.07) , -1.36%) Software, Kingdee Tianyan Cloud, Sitech (14.160, 0.10, 0.71%), Zhongke Jiangnan, Yizhirui, SuperMap Software (28.490, -1.51, -5.03%), Kingsoft Office (264.200) , 4.60, 1.77%), Guangdong Yingshi, Shanghai Aishu, Zhiling Hainer, Yonyou Networks (36.310, 0.70, 1.97%), Yakong Technology and other 12 companies, upholding openness, cooperation, empowerment, and win-win The concept of ecological cooperation launched the “Jinlan Ecological Plan” to gather industrial ecological forces to build an industrial ecological user platform. It is expected that in two years, it is expected to build and complete ten, one hundred, ten, ten thousand projects, and jointly seek the innovation and implementation of enterprise-level database systems. Create a sustainable future.

Massive growth of data and continuously expanding online business have gradually escalated the digital challenges of enterprises. How does the database system realize the coordinated development of the localized information technology industry and build a new ecology of the digital economy? NPC Jincang and its partners in the database field have developed a variety of solutions, proving the commercial capabilities of Jincang database.

Shanghai Aishu, which has served more than 26,000 customers in more than 40 countries and regions around the world, has been selected into Gartner’s quadrant of honor and nominations with its strong R&D technology.

Cloud database will accelerate to become the mainstream of the market. Beijing Zhilinghaina has been deeply involved in the field of hyper-converged database cloud all-in-one machines. At the same time, it has full-stack optimization software for the X86 architecture.

Digital transformation makes business operations more efficient. It has a network of more than 230 branches around the world with a rich product line and provides industry-leading software services for more than 6.5 million enterprises. Currently, it is co-creating the digitalization of large-scale industrialized enterprises nationwide with the National People’s Congress Jincang. The platform NC Cloud helps customers realize the full implementation of digitalization and digital intelligence.

The manufacturing industry is an important pillar of our national economy. Yakong Technology, which focuses on industrial automation and the production of intelligent software products, has penetrated into every link of the manufacturing industry, providing basic data support for the acceleration of manufacturing transformation.

As one of the member companies of China Electronics Technology Group (CETC), NPC Jincang will continue to empower partners in technology, solutions and professional services, achieve brand-new breakthroughs in business, and create a mutually beneficial and win-win partner ecosystem. Reshape the development path of China’s database industry. (Wang Dingtao)

According to China Youth Network, Beijing, December 27th (Reporter Song Li) 2021 China Database Industry Summit and Database Innovation Achievement Conference was held in Beijing recently. With the theme of “Reform · Remodeling · Insight · Future”, the event shared the development trend and innovation results of the database industry from industrial development, technological innovation, user sharing, and ecological construction.

Focus on industrial upgrading 2021 China Database Industry Summit to reshape the development path

The 2021 China Database Industry Summit and database innovation results conference site.Photo by Song Li, reporter from China Youth Network

At the event site, Changjiang Mingtao, deputy director of the Information Technology Development Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, mentioned in his speech that “the domestic database industry will usher in a broader development space.” He said that the recently released “14th Five-Year” software and The Information Technology Service Industry Development Plan and the “Fourteenth Five-Year Plan” Big Data Industry Development Plan both take the database as one of the basic elements and propose a series of special actions and target tasks.

Ni Guangnan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, pointed out in his speech that the current scale of my country’s database development is on the rise, and my country’s database industry is expected to usher in a new round of growth. However, the lack of talents restricts the further development of China’s data industry. He believes that the current talent team construction should be placed in a more prominent position, and database talents should be promoted to take the lead in starting businesses, so that more high-growth companies can gather, so as to realize the development of production by people and the gathering of people by production. At the same time, he said that the realization of database enterprise alliance and coordinated development is an important measure to create a good industrial ecology.

Dai Hao, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said that in recent years, domestic databases have insisted on independent research and development, and the prices, performance, and functions of database products have made great progress, and the industrial ecology has been gradually improved. In the new stage of development, how to integrate and fuse diverse data, how to store and manage, and effectively analyze and understand data, and to promote data to decision-making, are all major challenges to be solved by future data intelligence applications.

Qing Yu, Chief Technology Officer of China Electronics Technology Group Co., Ltd., said that as the national software team, China Electronics Technology firmly grasps the opportunities for the integration of digitalization, networking, and intelligence, and gives full play to the advantages of the complete industrial chain in the Electronic information field. Integrate into the new development pattern, serve the national development strategy, undertake major engineering tasks in the national cyberspace industry, vigorously promote digital industrialization and industrial digitization, and serve the construction of digital society, digital government, and digital enterprises.

Xiao Yi, President of Taiji Computer Co., Ltd. and Chairman of the National People’s Congress Jincang, said in his speech: “We will take database security as the unchanging core, through standard construction, talent training, and resource sharing to contribute to the sustainable and high-quality development of the entire industry. Inject hard-core power to make data management more reliable, more convenient, smarter, and more integrated as its mission to protect national data security.”

In the industry development sharing session, Wang Shan, the leader of the database discipline and the former Dean of the School of Information of Renmin University of China, introduced the international and domestic development of the database system. Looking back on the domestic database for more than 40 years, she believes that in the basic software database management system, The database management system is the most complex and one of the most widely used large-scale software. On this track, there are no shortcuts and corners to overtake. We must face up to the gap, identify shortcomings, persist in innovation, and truly master core technologies. At the same time, it is necessary to do a good job in the combination of production, education and research to form a virtuous circle of scientific research supporting industries and industrial anti-catching scientific research. Furthermore, we must take market demand as the direction of product research and development, adhere to the customer-centric concept, and run through all work.

Zeng Jin, deputy director of the Xinchuang Center of China Software Evaluation Center, analyzed the “database technology and industry development trend” from the database test conducted by the China Software Evaluation Center in recent years.

In the technical innovation sharing session, Du Sheng, president of Beijing National People’s Congress Jincang Information Technology Co., Ltd., introduced the “database development path and release of innovation results.” He said: “Maybe the past three years have been the busiest for the domestic database industry, and we have crossed a huge step.” The development of the domestic database industry is inseparable from the support and help of industry users, and it is only centered on the market and users. , Keep iterating and innovating, the database industry will go further.

In the user sharing session, Zhou Yunfeng, deputy director of the Information Network Center of the Ministry of Finance, shared the process of localization of the fiscal information system.

Focus on industrial upgrading 2021 China Database Industry Summit to reshape the development path

Declaration on the Joint Enterprise Initiative.Photo by Song Li, reporter from China Youth Network

The high-quality development of the industry is inseparable from a good market environment and business order, and it is also inseparable from the practitioners’ self-discipline and responsibility. In addition, at the event site, representatives of a number of companies jointly issued a declaration of the initiative of “Regulating industry rules, resisting unfair competition, and purifying the market environment”, and held the establishment ceremony of the Jinlan organization to build an industry ecological user platform to help the development of the domestic database industry , The four representative companies shared the typical overall solutions of their respective companies.

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