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The rapid development of a new generation of information technology represented by mobile Internet, big data, artificial intelligence, etc. has spawned new products and new formats, and the update of Internet technology has promoted the rapid development of the financial industry. The combination of the Internet and finance makes the application of big data more and more important. Big data is an information asset with various types and large amounts of data. The growth rate and processing of data are fast, and online data can be called and calculated at any time. Big data has promoted subversive changes in the financial industry in terms of business models and market competition. Through big data analysis technology, it can effectively learn the characteristics and needs of customers, provide personalized services, precise marketing, improve customer experience, and improve the operating efficiency of financial enterprises. Predict future demand trends based on existing financial services, develop new products and services, and tap potential customers. With the help of big data, financial case clues can be explored, and risks can be quickly detected, identified and monitored. Some people say that the development of big data requires not only technology, but also a timely change in the way of thinking. Big data is not only a basic resource, but also a technical means and a methodology.

The combination of digital technology innovation and the financial industry is the general trend of industrial transformation and an important way to promote the high-quality development of the financial industry. According to the 47th “Statistical Report on Internet Development in China”, as of December 2020, my country’s Internet penetration rate reached 70.4%, and the scale of online payment users reached 854 million, accounting for 86.4% of the total number of netizens; the scale of mobile online payment users reached 8.53%. 100 million, accounting for 86.5% of the total number of mobile Internet users. As of June 2020, the amount of mobile payment reached 196.98 trillion yuan, ranking first in the world.

When big data brings convenience and prospects to the financial industry, its risks cannot be ignored. Due to the large amount of sensitive information stored and used in financial transactions, the issue of data protection of financial information has become increasingly prominent. According to statistics from the China Internet Network Information Center, the illegal collection and use of personal information in big data applications will pose a threat to personal safety and social order, especially in the financial industry, which is directly related to personal and family property. Innovation is always accompanied by risks, and it is especially important to scientifically prevent and control risks and build an information security protection network in the application of financial big data.

Improve the legal protection system for financial data and information security. A systematic and complete legal protection system can effectively prevent information security risks in the application of financial big data, so as to share the dividends brought by big data, and it is imperative to formulate a series of laws and regulations to protect the information security of financial consumers. In 2020, the 20th meeting of the Standing Committee of the 13th National People’s Congress reviewed the “Data Security Law of the People’s Republic of China (Draft)”, reflecting the country’s great importance to data security. According to reports, the Cyberspace Administration of China is speeding up the formulation of the Data Security Law and the Personal Information Protection Law. Financial data information security is an important measure to protect the interests of the people. Perfect information security regulations can not only regulate social order and protect the legitimate rights and interests of financial consumers, but also promote the healthy development of the financial big data industry. The legal protection system should focus on the management and protection of a series of activities such as information collection, storage, and transmission, as well as the disciplinary system for violations. At the same time, the supervision of industry self-regulatory organizations cannot be ignored, and industry self-regulatory organizations should be encouraged to establish industry standards and risk evaluation indicators.

Build a financial data information security system. The financial data information security assurance system can coordinate various elements such as technology, personnel, and products, and prevent information security risks from multiple levels and dimensions. It should include a standardized institutional system, an advanced technical protection system, a mature security service mechanism, and a security monitoring and early warning system. . According to the functional requirements of each part, the operation framework should include three important contents: data information collection and analysis, data and information risk research and judgment, and issuing risk warnings. A reasonable financial data information security system should start from big data, build a data information security management framework, organizational structure, regulatory mechanism and response mechanism, identify possible risks through data analysis, and improve information security protection plans in a timely manner. It’s not the traditional way to seek solutions after being threatened.

Accelerate the research and development of big data security technology. Big data security technology focuses on data generation, collection, storage, transmission, analysis, application and other links to protect against data loss, tampering, leakage and other issues. security issues, and better promote the application of big data in finance. To improve the key technologies to ensure the security of big data, we must first guide institutions of higher learning, industry associations, financial institutions and other organizations to participate in the development of the big data industry, form an innovative R&D platform, and invest R&D funds to research forward-looking technologies; secondly, we must strengthen technical specifications, Integrate big data information resources, promote resource sharing, strengthen cooperation, and establish an all-round, multi-layered defense system.

Raise awareness of financial data and information protection. The prevention of financial information security risks also relies on prior security awareness education and the construction of social information security culture to prevent problems before they occur. The first is the publicity and education of government regulatory authorities and industry associations to help financial consumers form good data protection habits. At the same time, they must improve their own awareness of information security protection, strengthen the supervision of sensitive data, and formulate a systematic data security management system. Second, financial institutions should strengthen their understanding, clarify the responsibilities and obligations of data and information security protection, strive to improve employees’ information security protection skills and literacy, clarify job responsibilities, and strengthen employees’ awareness of financial information security protection. Third, financial consumers should enhance their awareness of data and information protection, pay attention to the scope of data use, understand cutting-edge trends, and use advanced technology and legal means to protect personal information.

Cultivate professional financial data and information security talents. Facing the huge vacancy of information security talents, the government and colleges and universities should accelerate the cultivation of new talents in financial data information security. The operation, maintenance, and supervision of financial information systems must follow professional regulations. In addition to systematic financial-related knowledge, information security personnel also need to have complete computer, network, big data and other technologies. Interdisciplinary high-quality talents must be Get professional training. Therefore, it is necessary to create good educational conditions and atmosphere, and cooperate with multiple parties to ensure the training of financial data and information security talents.

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