Enter the technology entrepreneur Mouser Electronics sponsors the launch of the first industrial documentary series “Shenzhen Style”

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February 27, 2020 – Mouser Electronics, a distributor of Electronic components focused on introducing new products to drive industry innovation, announced the launch of the first electronic technology industry documentary series “Shenzhen Style” in collaboration with the industry’s leading electronic technology media. The series The first program is called “Cross-Boundary Technology “Native People”. “Shenzhen Style” is fully supported by Mouser Electronics and planned with leading electronic technology media in the industry. It records the reality of Shenzhen’s electronics industry in a more intuitive way, and listens to the most authentic and simple voices from entrepreneurs who are struggling in Shenzhen’s electronics industry. .

“Shenzhen Style” is divided into five issues. It mainly shows the accumulation and development of the contemporary electronics industry to the outside world in the form of actual accounts by entrepreneurs in the electronics industry. It is precisely because of these “grassroots” entrepreneurs scattered in the electronics industry that Their inspiration and creativity, and their hard work along the way, have been piled up with time, and they have given more vitality to the electronics industry. Mouser Electronics has always encouraged and supported electronic technology innovation. By carefully creating the “Shenzhen Style” industrial video series, more people can see the important role behind the development of the electronic industry—a group of people who are constantly exploring the road of electronic technology. , innovative and persistent entrepreneurs.

In the first episode of the program “Crossover Technology “Native People”, Raindrop Technology CEO Wang Shaowei described his entrepreneurial experience from graduation to entering Shenzhen’s electronics industry. Under the leadership of Wang Shaowei, the company has gradually grown from the initial component production to self-made equipment and sales of terminal products, which not only brings considerable profits to its own enterprise, but also creates a lot of practical software and hardware development in the process. Sharing helps enterprises in the electronics industry develop together.

Jiping Tian, ​​Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at Mouser Electronics Asia Pacific, said: “In our daily life, when we easily pick up our mobile phones, electronic technology has become within our reach, so what does the real electronics industry look like? Ze Electronics combines the very popular and user-friendly video presentation methods in recent years, with Shenzhen as the coordinate city, from thousands of entrepreneurs in the electronics industry, get to know different entrepreneurs, use the lens to focus, from personal growth, Development opportunities, industry changes, product research and development, market status, etc. are restored from multiple perspectives, and are told and shared by the audience in person. We believe that this will not only bring motivation and inspiration to people who are engaged in the electronics business. We hope to use more real The story of the electronics industry impresses and infects more people, and also brings more possibilities to the industry. Electronic technology innovation is everywhere, and the future will never be there.”

For more information on this episode and all of the “Shenzhen Style” series of short films, you can follow the Mouser Design Circle on Mouser’s WeChat account: Mouser-Community, Mouserelectronics and Weibo for more information.

Mouser Electronics has a rich product line and considerate customer service, and actively introduces new technologies and new products to meet the various needs of design engineers and purchasers. We stock a vast inventory of new electronic components to support our customers’ next-generation design projects. The Mouser website Mouser.cn not only has a variety of advanced search tools to help users quickly understand product availability, but the website is continuously updated to continuously optimize the user experience. In addition, the Mouser website provides a wealth of resources such as data sheets, vendor-specific reference designs, application notes, technical design information, and engineering tools.

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