2020 The 3rd “Xinwang Cup” Information Technology Innovation Application Essay Selection Activity

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2020 The 3rd “Xinwang Cup” Information Technology Innovation Application Essay Selection Activity

2020 The 3rd “Xinwang Cup” Information Technology Innovation Application Essay Selection Activity

  1. Purpose of the activity

In order to implement the new development concept and achieve high-quality economic development, the central government put forward important strategic measures for “new infrastructure” this year. As a veritable “new infrastructure”, the Xinchuang industry has become the key to the digital transformation of the national economy and the improvement of the development of the industrial chain, and it is also a new driving force for the current national economic transformation and development. 2020 is a new starting point for the comprehensive development of the Xinchuang industry. In the next three to five years, the Xinchuang industry will usher in a golden period of development. As a technology innovation field covering the entire industry chain from the underlying basic software and hardware of IT to the upper-level application software, the innovative application of information technology starts from the technical system, basic capabilities, industrial ecology, etc., to drive the transformation of the traditional information industry, and outline the digital China in the new era. blueprint.

The 3rd “Xinwang Cup” focused on the themes of “new infrastructure” and “information technology innovation and application”, and carried out the collection and selection of outstanding scientific and technological papers, hoping to show the practical and theoretical achievements of Xinchuang industry, accelerate the digital transformation of the economy and society, and continuously meet the needs of The people’s growing demand for a better life will jointly serve the national strategy and economic and social development.

 2. The theme of the essay


Innovative application of information technology empowers “new infrastructure”

3. Scope of the call for papers (including but not limited to the following scopes)

1. Basic hardware technology research: CPU/GPU chips, firmware, storage, servers, PCs, switching chips, etc.;

2. Basic software technology research: operating system, database, middleware, antivirus software, host security protection, etc.;

3. Application software technology research: OA, ERP, office software, financial software, government software, etc.;

4. Network security technology research: border security, intrusion detection and defense, application security gateway, security isolation and information exchange, etc.;

5. The overall solution for Xinchuang products to be applied in new infrastructure fields such as 5G base station construction, big data center, artificial intelligence, industrial Internet, UHV, and intercity transportation.

 4. Collection requirements:

Units and individuals participating in the collection of scientific and technological papers should fill in the application form for thesis evaluation and affix the official seal of the unit.The review must beNot published in official domestic journals, character range3500-8000Character.Please send the Electronic scanned copy of the application form with the official seal and the entry paper toContributeMail[email protected]. The unified naming format for sending emails is:Xinwang Cup Essay – Title of Work.

Please apply the submission template of “Information Technology and Network Security” for papers.

5. Award setting

First prize: 1, bonus5000Yuan;

Second prize: 3, each prize money1000Yuan;

Winners: Several.

The organizer will organize a review meeting composed of well-known experts in the industry to conduct the selection to ensure the fairness of the selection results. The winning papers can be published in the official national journals, and those who are particularly outstanding will have the opportunity to be recommended for publication in Chinese core journals; the winning solutions will have the opportunity to connect with investors.

 6. Time Node

Deadline for collection: September 30;

Announcement of the winning results: October 30;

The awards will be arranged online or offline depending on the actual situation.

  7. Other instructions

 Registration for this event is free.The units or individuals participating in the activity should fill in the application form carefully and affix the official seal of the unit. The application without the official seal will be regarded as invalid application. The reporting unit needs to review the authenticity, originality, legality, validity and confidentiality of the reporting results.

The final interpretation right of this event belongs to the organizer.

Official website of the event: www.chinaaet.com

Event contact person, contact information:

Teacher Fan’s phone number:010-82306116 E-mail:[email protected]

Teacher Yu’s phone number:010-82306118E-mail:[email protected]

Attachment: Application Form for Scientific Papers

Guiding unit: The Sixth Research Institute of China Electronics Information Industry Group Co., Ltd.

National Engineering Laboratory for Industrial Control System Information Security Technology

Organizer: Information Service Department of the Sixth Institute of Electronics

“Electronic Technology Application” magazine

“Information Technology and Network Security” magazine

August 28, 2020



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