Analysis of the status quo of the manufacturing industry of industrial automation control system equipment

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Industry overview 1. Basic industry overview Industrial automatic control system device manufacturing refers to computer systems, instruments and industrial control used in the manufacturing or processing of industrial products to continuously and automatically measure and control the temperature, pressure, viscosity and other variables of materials or products Device manufacturing. Industrial automatic control system device is one of the core contents of the development strategy of advanced manufacturing industry and national major equipment manufacturing industry.

At present, the main body of China’s industrial automation market is mainly composed of hardware and software manufacturers, system integrators, and product distributors. In the field of software and hardware products, the current mid-to-high-end market is almost entirely monopolized by well-known foreign brand products, and this situation will continue to be maintained in recent years; in the field of system integration, multinational companies occupy the high-end of the manufacturing industry, and companies with deep industry backgrounds The industry system integration business takes the initiative and system integration companies with rich application experience are full of competitiveness; in the product distribution field, important distributors of large multinational companies are the industry leaders, mainly including Shanghai Haide Control System Co., Ltd., Fuda Automation Technology Co., Ltd., Shantou Zhongyeda Electric Co., Ltd., etc.

In the industrial automation market, there is a misalignment between supply and demand. What customers need is a complete electrical control system that can meet their own manufacturing processes, while suppliers provide a variety of standardized device products. Different industries have very big differences in electrical control, and even customers in the same industry have very different requirements due to their different processes. This contradiction between supply and demand creates development space for the industrial automation industry.

2. Industry technical level and technical characteristics Although the industrial automatic control system device manufacturing industry belongs to the traditional manufacturing industry, the industry is a typical technology-intensive industry and a high-tech industry in the traditional manufacturing industry. The technical characteristics of the industry are: high technical content of products, relatively complex production processes, and a wide range of technologies; integrating electronics, precision machinery, computers, software, communications, optoelectronics, materials and other multidisciplinary technologies, it is a concentration of new technologies in traditional manufacturing The industry with the highest degree.


The industry has high technical requirements and rapid technological development. The technical level of the industry directly reflects the technical level of the national equipment manufacturing industry. The technical level of the industry is divided into three levels: the first level is international multinational companies represented by Siemens, Honeywell, Emerson, Yokogawa, ABB, etc., and their technical level represents International first-class level; the second level is large and medium-sized domestic enterprises and some domestic joint ventures. Through technology introduction and independent research and development, the technological level is leading domestically, and some product technologies have reached the international advanced level; the third level is the largest domestic small and medium-sized enterprise in the industry The technological level of enterprises is still at the level of the early 1990s.

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