Helping the transformation and upgrading of “cloud to digital transformation” ZTE debuts at the 2020 Tianyi Intelligent Ecological Expo

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On November 7, 2020 Tianyi Intelligent Ecological Expo was held in Guangzhou. With the theme of “Smart Sharing·On the Cloud”, this year’s expo will focus on strategic announcements in important areas such as cloud-network integration, 5G SA, cloud terminals, quantum, security, and industrial digitalization.

As a strategic partner of China Telecom and a special partner of this expo, ZTE will exhibit with the theme of “Cloud Fusion World · Networking Future”, through the integration of cloud networks, precision empowerment, wisdom and life, 5G smart terminals Several large exhibition areas, including ZTE’s cloud network digital core technology, 5G end-to-end solutions, colorful industry scenarios and excellent application cases, whole-house optical network intelligent solutions, and a new generation of 5G flagship machine Axon20 and other terminal series product.

Converge cloud network to build a foundation for the digital economy

In 2020, 5G development will enter the fast lane, and the industry will develop with each passing day. In order to adapt to the new situation and changes of the digital economy, China Telecom has accelerated the transformation and upgrading strategy of “Cloud to Digital Transformation” and focused on building a new infrastructure base. ZTE Corporation plays its role as a leading 5G enterprise, focuses on cloud-network integration, empowers thousands of industries, and actively introduces new technologies, new ecology, and new models to inject new momentum into industrial development.

ZTE’s “Convergence Cloud Network” exhibition area showcases ZTE’s technological innovation and commercial practice in cloud-network integration, from cloud network strategy, green energy saving to 5G private network dedicated line, vehicle-road collaboration, PON+ and other content.

Accurately empower the road to industrial upgrading

In the current wave of digital transformation, scene fragmentation, technology heterogeneity, and insufficient security have become the bottleneck for the development of B-side customers. Based on the precise cloud network solution, ZTE Corporation adopts the “Lego” building block modular combination model to accurately empower the industry, helping operators and industry customers to flexibly construct solutions and realize digital transformation.

In the 5G industry exhibition area, ZTE’s innovative achievements in smart medical care, smart safe office, industrial manufacturing, commercial complex, 5G messaging and other industry fields were presented. ZTE has developed more than 500 partners in 15 industries including industry, transportation, and energy, jointly explored 86 innovative 5G application scenarios, and successfully carried out more than 60 demonstration projects worldwide.

Wisdom Life’s comprehensive layout of multi-form 5G terminals

Smart terminals are an important part of 5G commercial use. ZTE’s series of multi-form 5G terminal products, including 5G smart phones, 5G indoor routers, 5G outdoor routers, 5G mobile hotspots, 5G data terminals and 5G modules, cooperate with ZTE Cloud to construct a complete ecology and scenario.

In the intelligent exhibition area of ​​the whole house, the video doorbell and touch screen audio attracted many audiences to stop. ZTE Corporation uses whole-house fiber optics to equip whole-house Wi-Fi to build a gigabit home network, expand the capabilities of whole-house video, whole-house voice, whole-house control, and whole-house security services to truly create a safe indoor and outdoor home environment.

Entering the 5G smart terminal exhibition area, ZTE Tianji Axon 20 5G has attracted much attention. As the world’s first mass-produced under-screen camera phone, ZTE Tianji Axon 20 5G uses ultra-high-transmittance micron-level new materials, independently driven screen Display chips, highly integrated minimalist circuit design, original natural pixel arrangement, and triple front-lighting smart algorithm. The core technology has solved a number of technical problems of under-screen camera.

In addition, IOT modules, car networking modules, cloud computer terminals, video conferencing terminals, the industry’s first commercial 5G cameras and other products have appeared in the exhibition area, opening up the intelligent life of all things connected for users.

The exhibition lasts for two days. ZTE will present at the “Industrial Digital Ecosystem Cooperation Forum and China Telecom 5G Industry Innovation Alliance Conference”, “5G Application Innovation Sub-forum”, “2020 Terminal Technology and Standard Sub-forum”, and “Tianyi Cloud Sub-forum” Keynote speeches were delivered at forums such as ZTE, sharing ZTE’s development achievements and trend views in key areas of the industry, and working with China Telecom and various partners to promote 5G commercial and industrial digital upgrades.


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