Gree Gaming Robot’s patent is authorized, and a number of robot patents have been applied for

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According to data from Tianyan Check, recently, the Zhuhai Gree Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., which is wholly-owned by Gree Electric, has added a number of patent information, many of which are related to robots.

For example, a patent entitled “Processing method and device for the difficulty level of the game, robot” was granted on March 17, 2020. The abstract of the patent includes: Recording the game player’s chess process during the human-computer game in this game ;According to the recorded chess process, calculate the player’s chess level; at the beginning of the next game of man-machine, according to the calculated player’s chess level, switch the game difficulty level to be similar to the player’s chess level On the matching level. The present invention solves the technical problem of relatively large errors caused by artificial judgment of the player’s chess ability due to the adjustment of the difficulty level of the robot playing chess in the related art.

In addition, the company has also applied for a patent for “a method and device for preventing robot recording data from being tampered with”, which involves blockchain technology. This method and device are used to achieve extremely high security of robot application recording data against tampering.

And just in early March, Gree Electric also announced a patent for a robot that plays the piano.

The Links:   TL16C752BPT CM600DY-24A

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