PowerintLNK409EG25WT8 Tube LED Driver Solution (DER287)

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/a>LED” title=”LED”>LED” title=”LED”>LED driver adopts LinkSwitchTM-PH LNK409EG device, the input voltage is 180 VAC to 265 VAC, the output voltage is about 100V, and the output current is 250A. The driver adopts non-isolated The buck-boost topping, PFC and low THD (less than 25%) and high efficiency (greater than 91%), and IEC61000-3-2 CLASS C compliant, do not require control loop compensation and output current sensing. This article introduces Main specifications, circuit diagram and bill of materials of T8 tube LED driver.

T8 25 W, Non-Isolated, Buck-Boost Topology, Power Factor Corrected, LED Driver Using
LinkSwitchTM-PH LNK409EG

This document describes a non-isolated, power factor corrected, low THD, high-efficiency LED driver designed to drive ~100 V LED string at 250 mA from an input voltage range of 180 VAC to 265 VAC.

The LinkSwitch-PH has been developed to cost effectively implement a single-stage power factor corrected LED driver and primary-side constant-current control. The LinkSwitch-PH controller is optimized for LED driver applications and requires minimal external parts. It provides control of the output current through the LED load without the use of an optocoupler.

The LinkSwitch-PH monolithically integrates the 725 V power MOSFET and controller. The controller consists of an oscillator, PWM, 6 V regulator, over-temperature protection, frequency jittering, cycle-by-cycle current limit, leading edge blanking, and a charge controller for output CC (constant current) control.

The LinkSwitch-PH provides a sophisticated range of additional protection features including auto-restart for control loop open/short faults and output short-circuit conditions. The accurate hysteretic thermal shutdown ensures safe PCB temperatures under all conditions.

The non-isolated power factor corrected buck-boost design presented in this report shows how LinkSwitch-PH dramatically simplifies off-line, high-efficiency, power factor corrected LED driver design with very low parts count and enables a Class C harmonic currents compliant implementation of a very high efficiency, high output voltage design This document contains the LED driver specification, schematic, PCB diagram, bill of materials, conducted EMI measurements, thermal measurements, Inductor documentation and typical performance characteristics.

Main features of T8 tube LED driver:

 Dramatically simplifies off-line, power factor corrected, LED driver design

 Single-stage, power factor corrected and constant current, non-isolated LED driver

 Compact with extremely low component count

 High PF >0.9 across line and load

 High efficiency >91% at 230 VAC

 Low THD, <25% at 230 VAC

 IEC61000-3-2 CLASS C compliant

 Eliminates all control loop compensation

 No output current sensing required

 Advanced performance features

 Compensates for inductance tolerance

 Compensates for input voltage variations

 Compensates for output voltage variations

 Frequency jittering greatly reduces EMI filter costs

 Advanced protection and safety features

 Auto-restart protection for short-circuit

 Hysteretic thermal shutdown

PowerintLNK409EG25WT8 Tube LED Driver Solution (DER287)
PowerintLNK409EG25WT8 Tube LED Driver Solution (DER287)
PowerintLNK409EG25WT8 Tube LED Driver Solution (DER287)
Figure 1. Outline drawing of T8 tube LED driver (top: top view, middle: bottom view, bottom: view with T8 tube)
Main indicators of T8 tube LED driver:
PowerintLNK409EG25WT8 Tube LED Driver Solution (DER287)
PowerintLNK409EG25WT8 Tube LED Driver Solution (DER287)
Figure 2. Circuit diagram of T8 tube LED driver
T8 Tube LED Driver Bill of Materials:
PowerintLNK409EG25WT8 Tube LED Driver Solution (DER287)
For details, see:

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