What data does the app collect about you from today, Apple users can clearly know

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At WWDC in June this year, Apple announced that it would allow users to clearly see a summary of developers’ privacy practices on the App product page of the App Store. After half a year, on December 15, this feature will be officially opened to users.

What is a summary of privacy practices? Generally speaking, the updated App product page will present users with the types of data they may collect, which are divided into three categories: data used to track users, data associated with users, and data that will not be associated with users.

The so-called data is used for tracking, refers to the user or device data collected from the App, associated with data from different sources (such as other companies’ apps, websites or offline venues) for targeted advertising or advertising evaluation purposes; Or the data is shared by data brokers. Linked data refers to data that will not be used for tracking, but is related to user identity information; the other is data that is not related to the user himself.

App Privacy Practices Description Page

Apple told Jiemian News that such a classification standard is based on the threat level of data to users. Under this classification, users can quickly distinguish which data is more critical and should be protected, and which information can be disclosed.

The reason Apple introduced this policy is that the company believes that all data collection and use by developers must be open and transparent so that users can make informed choices.

Apple has been working hard on privacy as much as possible. Previously, iOS users would get pop-up prompts when using the app, such as whether to provide access to the microphone and camera. In addition, users can also blur the location information of the App. These are features that Apple has injected into devices before to give users more control over their privacy.

But the company believes that even with these controls, a summary of privacy practices is still important because it makes it easy for users to see at a glance, thereby reducing the chance of ignoring a privacy breach. Apple said the project has a very ambitious vision to create a system for app privacy policies that is extremely easy for users to understand, and that it will adjust over time as user needs change.

From December 8, Apple developers will receive requests to submit new privacy information one after another and update their apps within a certain period of time. In fact, in the future, whenever an app’s privacy practices change, developers can update it at any time without having to wait for a new version of the app to be released.

As can be seen from many actions, Apple’s emphasis on user privacy is increasing like never before.

Last week, according to CNBC, starting in early 2021, Apple will launch a new feature called App Tracking Transparency (ATT) for user privacy protection. Apps must request access to the user’s advertiser identifier IDFA through a pop-up window. IDFA is a A locator that can be used to track user data, and apps that track user data without permission will be removed from the App Store early next year.

This new regulation has caused a lot of resistance in the advertising industry. In this regard, Apple responded to Jiemian News that historically, when Safari added the intelligent anti-tracking function, there were also many voices protesting from the outside world that it had an impact on the advertising industry. But the company observed that web advertising continued to thrive while user privacy was protected.

In addition, the new regulations will not allow app developers to make any major changes, including business models, as long as they obtain the user’s permission to obtain data, similar debugging their control functions such as microphone and photo access rights, blurred location information, etc. It has done very well when it goes online. The company has reason to believe that developers can still cope well with new features after they go live.

It is understood that there are as many as 32 tags that developers need to face. At present, the relevant new privacy regulations have been updated in detail on the “Privacy” page of Apple’s official website.

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