Hubei University 4G network 5G network speed is really fast!

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There are so many people starting today, but I feel that the school’s mobile network is faster. “On the first day of Huazhong Agricultural University, many students found that the Internet speed of their mobile phones was not affected.

Hubei Mobile and Huawei have deployed 81 3D MIMO sites in densely populated areas such as teaching buildings and dormitories in dozens of colleges and universities, including Huazhong Agricultural University and Wuhan University. Users can enjoy a higher-quality and smoother 4G network without changing terminals. .

According to the relevant person in charge of Hubei Mobile, 3D MIMO is a key product of 5G technology 4G. Through multi-antenna space division multiplexing, the spectrum efficiency is greatly improved. Compared with traditional base stations, the downlink capacity is increased by 5 times and the uplink capacity is increased by 6 times, which is a high traffic guarantee. one of the key means. Since its trial deployment in Hubei last year, 3D MIMO has effectively improved the user experience in the “three highs and one limit” scenarios (high traffic, tall buildings, high interference, and limited uplink).

In the opening season of universities, 4G network capacity will face the severe test of “high density, high concurrency, and high uplink”. In addition to the high traffic scenarios such as schools, the traditional frequency expansion has basically been fully allocated. “The large-scale application of 3D MIMO technology in colleges and universities will ensure the ultimate online experience for students and parents,” said the person in charge.

It is understood that Hubei Mobile has also set up a “New Student Care Office” in its self-operated hall to provide college students with free mobile phone charging, rest in the cool, drinking water, WIFI and other care services, and launched tariff discounts such as unlimited campus traffic for college freshmen.

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