Attention | From January to September, 373,000 people were arrested for telecommunications network fraud, and 262,000 cases were solved by public security authorities

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On October 26, the Ministry of Public Security held a press conference to announce the effectiveness of cracking down on telecommunications network fraud. From January to September this year, public security agencies across the country cracked a total of 262,000 telecommunications network fraud cases and arrested 373,000 criminal suspects, an increase of 41.1% and 116.4% year-on-year respectively.

In recent years, telecommunications network fraud has continued to occur frequently and criminals have continued to renovate their methods. It has become the most prominent crime with the highest crimes, the greatest losses, and the strongest response from the masses. A large number of scam criminal groups are constantly shifting abroad to avoid crackdowns, especially Southeast Asia has become the main gathering place for such crimes. Cracking down on telecommunication and network fraud is related to the vital interests of the people, the overall stability of the society, the national economic security, and the image of the party and the country. The Ministry of Public Security attaches great importance to this, and severely cracked down on telecommunication network fraud crimes in accordance with the law, and achieved some results.

According to Jiang Guoli, deputy director of the Criminal Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, public security organs across the country launched a fierce offensive against recruits overseas to implement telecommunications network fraud in accordance with the unified deployment of the Ministry of Public Security this year. The current special actions have achieved initial results. From January to September this year, a total of 262,000 telecommunications network fraud cases were cracked nationwide, and 373,000 criminal suspects were arrested, an increase of 41.1% and 116.4% year-on-year; a total of 277 billion yuan of funds involved in the case was urgently stopped. From June to September, the number of cases has fallen for 4 consecutive months.

As of May this year, public security organs across the country have eliminated 9,419 illegal exit gangs of “groups of more than three persons”, cracked 4,160 criminal cases, and arrested 33,860 criminal suspects. Among them, 931 recruiters were organized, and gangs were transported. There were 913 ash-producing personnel and 3,2016 illegally leaving the country. 1021 cases of Electronic fraud were solved in series, 100 overseas electronic fraud dens and 82 financial owners were unearthed.

In the next step, the Ministry of Public Security will intensify its crackdown, study and judge clues to carry out “from person to case” in-depth combat; comprehensively sort out the “funders” and “snake heads” who have absconded abroad, through issuing wanted orders and strengthening international law enforcement cooperation. The local party committee and government’s policy attack and education persuasion, organize and carry out special arrest operations; pay close attention to the new routes and new trends of fraudulent and smuggling crimes, and continue to carry out special combat operations; through the “strike to promote governance, to fight to promote prevention”, it is effective In response to the local party committee and government’s source governance work, we will eradicate the breeding ground of telecommunications network fraud from the root, and make every effort to squeeze the living space of telecommunications network fraud crimes.

The public security organs are warning criminals and immediately stop organizing recruitment of personnel to engage in criminal activities of telecommunications and network fraud, and voluntarily surrendered themselves in order to strive for leniency. Please don’t be tempted by the so-called transnational “high-paying professions” to join fraud gangs. What awaits you will be kidnapping, corporal punishment, assault, and even death. The masses are welcome to actively provide clues, assist the public security organs in investigating cases, and fully support the public security organs to carry out the “cut-off” project operation.

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