Application of GENESIS Software in DEH System of Haian Huaxin Power Plant

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1 Introduction
Industrial control configuration software is a software package that can collect data in real time from PLC, field instruments and other equipment, issue control commands and monitor the normal operation of the system. It can make full use of the powerful graphics editing function of Windows, Display the running status of the monitoring equipment in the form of animation, easily form the monitoring screen and realize the control function, and provide a very convenient software development platform for the development of industrial monitoring software, which greatly improves the The efficiency and reliability of software development have been widely used in the field of industrial control. The new generation of configuration monitoring software Genesis 32 (GENESIS32) developed by ICONICS of the United States is one of the general configuration softwares for this type of industrial automation. ICONICS has always been at the world’s leading level in the development of configuration monitoring software. Product development is based on OPC as the core (OPC-To-The-Core). At present, OPC has been developed to version 3.0. Genesis 32 (GENESIS32) is 100% compatible and supports OPC servers. Genesis 32 (GENESIS32) is the latest century HMI/SCADA industrial control configuration software based on OPC technology. The application effect is good in the world’s largest SCADA system – Russia’s oil pipeline system.
Haian Huaxin Thermal Power Cogeneration Project in Haian Industrial Park is the first thermal power company built outside the urban area of ​​Nantong. It is planned to be four furnaces and three machines, with a total investment of 320 million yuan. The investment of the first phase of the project is about 220 million yuan. Two new 75T circulating fluidized bed boilers and one 15MW extraction condensing unit produced by Nanjing Turbine Motor (Group) Co., Ltd. are newly installed. Nanjing Keyuan Automation is selected for the turbine speed control system. (Group) Co., Ltd. Digital Electro-Hydraulic Regulation System (DEH).
Based on the powerful graphics and alarm functions of GENESIS32, a steam turbine electro-hydraulic regulation system based on the computer monitoring platform of GENESIS32 was designed for Haian Huaxin Thermal Power Plant. Generate, alarm output and other functions.
2. System hardware
DEH control system adopts the hardware platform of NT6000 distributed control system of Keyuan Company. The overall structure of the system is the upper and lower computer structure. Take the PC as the upper computer, one engineer station, one operator station, through 2 MOXA switches, to complete the data exchange between the PC and the lower computer for a pair of T2550 DPUs. The host computer uses the industrial computer produced by Advantech, GENEISIS32 is used as the configuration software for human-computer interaction to complete the functions of screen display, report form and alarm output, and LINTOOLS is used as the controller strategy configuration software to complete the DEH control logic configuration.
Due to the characteristics of less host computer sites in DEH, the commonly used client structure method is adopted, and a two-layer network structure is adopted. The first layer control network (ELIN) connects the DPU and the MMI station, which is a redundant industrial Ethernet network; the second layer network is the communication network between the T2550DPU and the I/O card, which connects the DPU and its I/O station. High-speed data bus (network structure Figure 1). Among them, T2550 DPU is one of the most reliable and fastest DCS controllers at present. In addition, a special intelligent OPC card is used to realize speed measurement control and rapid speed overrun action. At the same time, a smart valve is configured to realize rapid and accurate valve positioning. Bit servo controller TFW and so on, thus providing a guarantee for DEH fast and precise control.

Application of GENESIS Software in DEH System of Haian Huaxin Power Plant
Figure 1 Schematic diagram of the hardware structure of the control system

3. System software design and configuration
3.1 Introduction to Genesis 32 (GENESIS32)
Genesis 32 (GENESIS32) consists of three modules: GraphWorX, AlarmWorX, and TrendWorX. The advantage is that OPC-based technology does not require special I/O drivers to connect to servers. Unlike other software such as inTouch, iFix, FIX, Kingview, etc., they all have their own IO drivers, all of which are dedicated , closed, they just wrote an OPC IO driver to connect to the OPC server, the IO drivers developed by them can only run on their own systems and cannot be interoperable, so GENESIS32 has a strong openness, so the software’s The three functional modules of dynamic picture, alarm and trend can be built separately and can be customized according to the actual needs of users.
(1) GraphWorX32 – OPC-based HMI/SCADA graphic OPC client
Using GraphWorX32 (the simplest, most powerful and most complete drawing and simulation tool in industrial applications), you can have vivid and colorful process flow charts;
(2) TrendWorX32 – OPC-based real-time and historical trend client
TrendWorx32 is a powerful historical data logging, real-time trending display tool that captures thousands of data points and places them in data groups for fast and efficient playback of historical data and display of real-time information. Using Microsoft’s SQL, ADO and OLEDB technologies, TrendWorX32 integrates Microsoft’s products. TrendWorX32 is fully compatible with the new OPC HDA (Historical Data Access);
(3) AlarmWorX32 MMX-Multimedia Alarm Management Client
AlarmWorX32 MMX is a multimedia alarm application software fully compatible with OPC, providing advanced multimedia technology for remote alarm prompts.
3.2 The software design scheme is as follows:
(1) Implement the design of the process flow screen in GraphWorX32. There are mainly system overview, speed control before grid connection, power extraction steam control after grid connection, TSI parameter monitoring, system configuration, real-time curve, historical curve, alarm, system parameter setting, etc. The screen is mainly divided into three parts: The upper part is the status display area, the middle part is the running screen area, and the lower part is the screen switching button area. The upper and lower areas are fixed and the middle area can be switched;
(2) Realize the data connection between the display volume on the process screen, the button command, etc. and the LINOPC point;
(3) Establish a historical record database in SQLServer, configure historical record in TrendWorX32, and configure the connection between TrendWorX32 and historical record database;
(4) First, configure the configuration file of the alarm server, and perform the configuration of the alarm measuring point record, including the configuration of the analog quantity and switch quantity alarm, and the management of the alarm zone. In order to record the historical alarm information, the alarm record database is established in SQLServer, the alarm record information configuration in AlarmWorX32, and the connection between AlarmWorX32 and the alarm record database;
(5) Use the graph toolbox of GraphWorX32 to realize the design of timely alarm and historical trend screen, and to monitor the important data of the production process in real time;
(6) Edit button to complete screen switching, parameter setting and control, working mode switching and other functions;
Secondly, improve the control system login, operation records, alarm records and other query functions.
3.3 The main screen of the system
Application of GENESIS Software in DEH System of Haian Huaxin Power Plant

Figure 2 Speed ​​control screen before grid connection

Figure 3 Load control screen after grid connection

4. Application
4.1 Operation of the system
Haian Huaxin #1 unit was connected to the grid at 11:40 pm on October 1, 2007 at a constant speed of 3000, and was successfully connected to the grid at 7:18 am on November 2, 2007. It successfully passed the 72-hour trial operation and was put into commercial operation. .
During the period, the following functions were mainly tested
Speed-up control: change the speed-up rate and target speed, maintain, over-critical;
Overspeed test: normal OPC action, normal AST action, critical interruption action, tightness test;
Automatic synchronization: normal
Grid connection: The initial load is 5%, the control mode is switched, with full load for 72 hours,
The speed control range, load control range, system sluggish rate, load rejection speed overshoot and other indicators all meet the requirements.
4.2 Software usage
The graphical interface of the host computer is easy to operate, and functions such as interface refresh and switching, curve query and so on meet the requirements. Based on relational database management and storage of alarm records and historical databases, large-capacity alarm record queries and historical data queries can also be retrieved smoothly. The screen reads and writes data directly from LINOPC, no intermediate IO driver is required, and the speed is very fast.
Secondly, in the thermal monitoring implementation process of GENESIS32 in terms of communication, since Longyuan DCS PMC could not meet the system requirements of thermal monitoring, the thermal monitoring software was retrofitted on our company’s GENESIS32 engineer station, which was very convenient to read data from Longyuan DCS. Pick. At the same time, the DCS and DEH operating parameters are unified in the DCS tabulation and printing.
The smooth implementation of Haian Huaxin DEH project has accumulated rich experience for our company’s Shandong Dahai DCS and DEH integrated GENESIS32 project, which is a server structure.
5. Conclusion
This paper introduces in detail the application of GENESIS32 host computer software in the electro-hydraulic regulation system of Haian Huaxin Thermal Power Plant. At present, the system runs stably, which greatly facilitates the user’s operation and has been well received by the user.
[Author’s brief introduction]Cheng Baoqing (1980-), male (Han nationality), from Taizhou, Jiangsu, Nanjing Keyuan Automation Group Co., Ltd., master, mainly engaged in research work in the direction of thermal automation.
[Author’s brief introduction]Qian Shiming (1957-), male (Han nationality), from Nantong, Haian Huaxin Thermal Power Plant, thermal control specialist, thermal maintenance.

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