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Once upon a time, smart home was still an unattainable, even wildly surreal, configuration, but with the promotion of artificial intelligence and the development of smart home appliances and digital products, people are surprised to find that the concept of smart home has been successfully implemented and gradually penetrated. Into our daily lives.

Once upon a time, smart home was still an unattainable, even wildly surreal, configuration, but with the promotion of artificial intelligence and the development of smart home appliances and digital products, people are surprised to find that the concept of smart home has been successfully implemented and gradually penetrated. Into our daily lives.

As the saying goes, technology changes lives. With smart home appliances, smart lighting, smart speakers, smart sockets and other new things mixed with mature faces, it is clear that the era of smart home is really coming. Smart products are not only closely related to our daily life, but also enrich the modern people’s understanding of intelligence. Cognition and pursuit allow us to go one step further from happiness.

As a branch of the many product lines of smart homes, in recent years, new smart sockets in life home products have emerged one after another. While better interpreting practicality, the emergence of smart sockets has also brought people a more ideal and intimate way of experience. Once you use it, you will absolutely love it.

Love for your partner-Bull WiFi Smart Socket 2nd Generation

Sockets, as a common household appliance in people’s daily life, feel that they are far away from real smart home life, but this has not hindered the amazing chemical reactions induced by sockets on the road of intelligence, from simple practical functions to recent years. The multifunctional smart sockets that are coming to appear, seemingly inconspicuous sockets can also create the ideal appearance of smart home life.

Can you take a hot bath if you want to go home? Want to make fresh breakfast while lying in bed? But the reality is that rent eliminates the poor, and the post-90s generations of us have become visible poverty. Let’s go on dreaming. Maybe we can live the extravagant life of “clothing and eating”. Who will let the family not have Mine, my father is not Wang Jianlin who “earn one hundred million first.”

Can these really only stay in the imagination? Although reincarnation is a technical job, as long as there is love in life, you can enjoy a comfortable life. Caring for your family can start with the second generation of the Bull WiFi Smart Socket. It is not only a socket, but also a smart life system.

The article “Letter from a Divorced Woman” said: “In our women’s lives, the number of times of helplessness is always greater than the number of times of happiness! We work hard, so we are faster than lazy women! As we age, we I am more afraid of getting old than men.” What is marriage for a woman, a siege? Or a castle? Obviously, it all depends on the other half. Don’t let the little fairy be ground into an old lady by life, “in charge” of life. You deserve to have the second generation of the Bull WiFi Smart Socket~~~

After a hard day, if you want my dear to go home, you can take a hot bath. We can completely choose to turn on and off regularly through the second generation of the Bull WiFi Smart Socket to create a personal water heater mode, which can not only avoid long-time opening and consumption. A lot of electricity, and it will also add a deep love to the ordinary life.

Want a hot meal in the morning? But she felt sorry for her who got up early. We can put the soybeans in the soymilk machine in advance, and set the time at 7 o’clock in the morning. When we get out of the bed at 7:30, the fragrant soy milk is already waiting for you to enjoy. If you add a few slices of bread , That’s how a beautiful day begins.

Obviously, you can make a fresh breakfast even while lying in bed. The ideal smart home life allows Bull WiFi Smart Socket 2 to turn on for you, and all you have to do is just move your fingers. It is worth mentioning that in addition to the timing mode, we can also choose the delay function to schedule the closing time; and the cycle mode, which turns on and turns off the power on time every day; even the cycle timing, sets pain points for the fish tank in advance, and automatically turns on when the point is reached. Provide sufficient oxygen.

Love for parents-Bull Smart Cube USB socket (WiFi version)

I don’t know if you have ever had such an experience. I originally wanted to go out with my family happily, but when I just went out, the elderly at home suddenly remembered that they had not cut off the power to the heater. Is this going back to the rhythm of turning off the power at home?

Why is it so troublesome? With the Bull Smart Cube USB socket (WiFi version), we only need to open the “JD Weilian” APP and turn off the corresponding plug of the electrical appliance remotely. In fact, the Bull Smart Cube USB socket (WiFi version) can not only realize the power switch control remotely through the mobile phone, but also realize the timing, delay, cycle and other operations. It can also query the electricity statistics, electricity bill statistics, real-time power, and Electronic overload level in real time. And whether the anti-surge function is effective, etc.

We all know that after a person is 65 years old, the rate of decline in physiological function increases significantly, especially the motor functions of the large leg muscles, knee joints and peripheral ligaments. Young people may fall without a major problem, but older people may fall. A fall is very likely to fracture and lead to more serious consequences. The cold weather in winter is the high incidence of falls in the elderly, and many elderly people have fractures and even deaths caused by falling at night.

The editor here strongly recommends the Bull Smart Cube USB socket (WiFi version). Even if you are lying in bed, you can use Jingdong Weilian APP to remotely turn on/off the bedroom desk lamp. Although we cannot avoid accidents, it adds to the lives of parents A security guarantee is still very necessary.

For another example, on a cold winter night, turn off the electric blanket so cold at night! By setting the delay function of the Bull Smart Cube USB socket (WiFi version), the electric blanket will be automatically turned off when the time is up, and smart life can be reached with one touch, which is very useful. In addition, it is worth noting that despite the smart label, the operation of the mobile phone APP of the Bull Smart Cube USB socket (WiFi version) is not complicated. The operation of the main control switch, upper switch, middle switch and lower switch are clear at a glance. Even the elderly at home can easily operate it.

Love for children-Bull Smart Cube USB socket

As we all know, the lungs, brain, breathing and immune systems of children in the developmental stage are very fragile and sensitive, and are more susceptible to foreign harmful substances than adults. Therefore, in the context of raging smog, many family members will choose air purifiers. To protect the health of our children.

It is true that the air purifier can provide the most intimate safety protection for children, but the smog is overwhelming, and the indoor air quality is really worrying. The air purifier is activated only after returning home. It is a bit of a rush for the daylily to get cold.

Want to turn on the air purifier in advance? Then why not try the Bull Smart Cube USB socket. Through the remote control of the mobile phone APP, we can remotely turn on the socket and set the timing/countdown as desired, thereby turning on the personalized and customized home appliance usage time. We only need to plug the plug of the air purifier into the USB socket of Bull Smart Cube, and turn on the power of the air purifier in advance two hours before going home. This way we can ensure that we can breathe precious fresh air when we get home.

Of course, “fun” is indispensable in the children’s world. If you want to add some color to the children’s world, the Bull Smart Cube USB socket is definitely a “relentless character”. In addition to the mobile APP control, we can also use the voice control method through the Tmall Genie to wake up at night without having to fumble for the desk lamp switch. Just plug the desk lamp power cord into the USB socket of the Bull Smart Cube to tell the Tmall Genie “Hello, Tmall (Tmall Genie)! Turn on/off the socket”, voice control turns off the power of the desk lamp, smart life is that simple.


No matter how big the house is, there is no love, it is just a vacant house. Home, very ordinary, partners, parents, children; home, very ordinary, living, accompanying, and eating. As long as we give more love to our family with our heart, and we can be happy enough as long as we give more caring protection to our family. In fact, in my opinion, the smart socket is not only a household appliance, but also a new way of life. It can open up the smart home life experience at a minimum cost. Of course it is worth PICK!

From this point of view, with the Bull WiFi Smart Socket 2nd Generation, Bull Smart Cube USB Socket (WiFi version) and Bull Smart Cube USB Socket, we can take a step forward and enjoy the comfortable experience brought by smart home life in advance. Is there any reason to refuse? do you think so?

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