WiMi Hologram invests in Blue Cloud Industrial Interconnection Technology to create a virtual digital platform for smart sports

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Beijing, November 17, 2021/PRNewswire/ — WiMi Hologram Software Co., Ltd. (Nasdaq: WIMI) (hereinafter referred to as “WiMi Hologram” or “Company”), a global leader in augmented reality (” AR”) service provider today announced its investment in Blue Cloud Industrial Interconnection Technology to build a virtual digital platform for smart sports.

Blue Cloud Industry is composed of a number of highly sophisticated scholars, including the “Thousand Hundred and Ten Project” talents from universities in Guangdong Province, the National Automation System and Integration Standardization Technical Committee Robotics Subcommittee (SAC/TC159/SC2), and Bremen, Germany Professor of marine systems and robotics, senior mechanical engineer of Jacobs University, etc., combined with WiMi Hologram’s real and rich business data and application scenarios, bilateral in-depth cooperation, jointly training innovative research talents, carrying out cutting-edge technological innovations, and accelerating scientific research Landing application of the results. Blue Cloud Industry integrates intelligent robots and intelligent manufacturing technology, and is a center for improving the knowledge structure of digital talents and a training center for high-end talents with multiple intelligent manufacturing technologies.

Blue Cloud Industry develops and operates an online service platform in response to the common needs of the intelligent equipment industry. It has a networked application matrix of scientific and technological resources such as APPs and small programs. It connects the open laboratory software and hardware basic environment built by the platform to form an intelligent technical service menu. Innovation and entrepreneurial users can directly make appointments online to realize on-site self-service, and at the same time, they can make appointments for software and hardware environment demand services such as public training of intelligent manufacturing talents, technology promotion, and intelligent manufacturing standard verification and development.

WiMi Hologram has been focusing on software content development, cloud platform construction, and industrial chain investment integration in the holographic AR industry. The resources of both parties cover scientific and technological innovation resources such as the knowledge of 42 innovation platforms of large enterprises and university scientific research institutes, scientific and technological talents, test bases, etc., providing R&D design, process development, and pilot incubation for the intelligent upgrading of industrial manufacturing and small and medium-sized enterprises in the intelligent equipment industry cluster , Testing and testing, scientific and technological talents, standards and intellectual property rights and other productive technology services, promote the efficient allocation of professional technology resources in the industry, reduce the cost of innovation and entrepreneurship, and enhance the independent innovation capabilities of enterprises.

In the field of holographic intelligent vision innovation, WiMi Hologram requires a deep understanding and comprehensive grasp of content production technology and vision system development technology. Lanyun Industrial Internet uses holographic intelligent vision technology in the field of smart industrial inspection and is committed to precision intelligent vision sensors. , Research, development and application of high-speed holographic image processing and intelligent image recognition. The platform takes mechanical design, finite element analysis, kinematics, dynamics and holographic simulation as the core, and uses mature computer intelligent vision technology to establish digital models of intelligent mechanical systems and provide a computer intelligent virtual research platform. In the first half of this year, WiMi Hologram’s global operating income increased by approximately 202.2% year-on-year, gross profit increased by 189.8% year-on-year, net profit increased by 40.3% year-on-year, and research and development expenses increased by 463.6% year-on-year. WiMi Hologram has increased its R&D investment in order to maintain the company’s leading competitive advantage in the Metaverse and Holographic AR industries. Looking forward to the whole year of this year, with the explosion of the Metaverse industry and the continuous increase in the company’s R&D investment, WiMi Hologram’s revenue is expected to continue to maintain rapid growth.

About WiMi Hologram

WiMi Hologram was established in 2015, NASDAQ: WiMi. WiMi Hologram focuses on holographic cloud services, mainly in vehicle AR holographic HUD, 3D holographic pulse LiDAR, head-mounted light field holographic equipment, holographic semiconductor, holographic cloud software, holographic car navigation, meta-universe holographic AR/VR equipment, meta-universe Holographic cloud software and other professional fields, covering from holographic vehicle AR technology, 3D holographic pulse LiDAR technology, holographic vision semiconductor technology, holographic software development, holographic AR virtual advertising technology, holographic AR virtual entertainment technology, holographic ARSDK payment, interactive holographic virtual communication, Meta universe holographic AR technology, Meta universe virtual cloud service and other holographic AR technologies, is a holographic cloud comprehensive technical solution provider.

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