Laiku Technology started the era of digital intelligence and won the annual industry innovation model award

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Laiku Technology started the era of digital intelligence and won the annual industry innovation model award

If science and technology are established, the nation will be established; if technology is strong, the country will be strong. With the spirit of advancing with the times, the courage to innovate, and the perseverance, Laiku Technology is facing the frontiers of world science and technology and facing the major needs of the country. Series of cutting-edge technology products.

On December 7, the 2nd International Science and Technology Innovation Festival and 2021 Digital Service Conference was officially launched in Tianjin by the well-known technology and financial media of and SHUCC. In the opening ceremony of this conference, Li Wei, vice president of Laiku Technology Co., Ltd., gave a keynote speech on the future insights into the retail field of the smart retail OMO model. Laiku Technology won two awards in the subsequent “Light of Science and Innovation” annual corporate appraisal: the annual industry innovation model award and the annual digital transformation driving force.

Leading by technological innovation, Laiku technology inspires new impetus

During the opening speech session of the Science and Technology Festival, Li Wei, vice president of Laiku Technology Co., Ltd., delivered a keynote speech on the current trend of technology empowering the retail industry, “Technological innovation stimulates new power of intelligent manufacturing”, The application scenarios of technologies such as behavior analysis and supplier management to the cloud warehouse are described in the retail industry.

During the retail winter, Laiku Technology launched its “hourly delivery” service nationwide, achieving growth against the trend and setting a new high in offline and online sales. All this is mainly attributed to the blessing of Laiku Technology’s smart retail OMO model.

Li Wei pointed out that at the industry level, since the advent of marketization, my country has opened the road to rapid development of the retail industry. In the initial development of the retail industry, mainly retail practitioners participated. Although consumer demand tends to be diversified, it is difficult to satisfy consumption due to various factors such as the supply chain system and production cost constraints. The daily needs of the audience. With the rapid advancement of the country’s urbanization, the disposable income of consumers continues to rise, and the demand side drives structural reforms on the supply side. The gradual progress of various categories of commodities, high-quality and low-cost products, and the acceleration of the urbanization process have all promoted the rapid development of the retail industry.

At the technical level, the country’s continuous investment in the “new infrastructure” field, leveraging the breakthrough development of big data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, 5G and other technologies, has achieved OMO online and offline joint marketing and more models for the retail industry. Consolidate the technical foundation. At the same time, the digital management, intelligent analysis, and cloud-based layout of the retail industry can be quickly realized under the synergy of various technologies, which has become the key to opening up channel data.

With the rise of the e-commerce model, the use of technology has promoted the transformation of the distribution system and at the same time increased the scale of the overall retail industry. The era of smart retail has arrived. As traffic dividends gradually reach the top, the retail industry is promoted to enter the era of smart retail. Through the integrated development of online and offline, it is necessary to meet the demands of consumption upgrades and focus on market segments. Under this background, it is cool to pass Digital transformation has driven the continuous growth of digital product formats and has become a benchmark case in the retail industry.

Li Wei said that in the digital industry, Laiku Technology has used its own accumulated technology, channels, supply chain and other resources to realize the real implementation of technology empowerment in the retail industry. To provide China’s intelligent manufacturing with full-link ecological service support from 0 to 1, digital technology is being used to support and promote the continuous innovation of Laiku Technology and its product ecosystem partners.

Laiku Technology continues to promote the smart retail “OMO online and offline joint marketing” model. By building a smart retail system, it integrates online and offline sales and services with user scenarios as the core. Warehouse management mode. Consolidating product ecology and improving data capabilities is the core of Laiku’s high-speed growth, and it is also the value that allows us to better meet the needs of users, so that Laiku employees can provide users with “sales services” faster, more excellent, and more convenient. All in one service.

Li Wei introduced in the scene case that the current consumer shopping mode makes the boundary between online and offline channels very blurred. The Laiku OMO online and offline joint marketing model has given birth to the realization of multiple scenarios such as smart containers, unmanned retail, smart stores, and 4S stores. The OMO model takes consumers as the core. For example, the demand for unmanned retail spaces is small, which can realize a flexible layout, reduce costs and meet the synchronization of different priorities for consumers. Smart stores are characterized by online retail business, and use data to connect offline services such as warehousing, distribution, and after-sales services to form a service matrix with complementary advantages. In particular, smart stores can realize information management and online retail depth through data system integration equipment. Integration enables the store to establish deep and wide links with consumers, and provide consumers with more precise product experience services.

Li Wei said that offline retail companies have effectively improved their operating efficiency. Affected by factors such as the epidemic, offline store operations and sales have a “ceiling” problem. This targeted existing pain point has opened up the interconnection of retailers and e-commerce platforms, driving retailers to achieve traffic integration, and through the construction of a complete data system, transactions are carried out in aspects such as activating deposit inventory, increasing sales conversion, and enhancing user stickiness. ; Offline channels are launching tough battles in terms of network layout, opening up store time and space constraints, and optimizing operational efficiency. For retailers, OMO online and offline joint marketing has become an irreversible trend.

Won the two project awards of STIF2021 Light of Science and Technology Annual Selection

The annual selection of the Light of Science and Technology Innovation has become a high-standard business award in the field of technological innovation and digitalization. With the acceleration of the new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation, Internet technology companies represented by Jiku are accelerating the growth. Laiku Technology continues to promote the “OMO online and offline joint marketing” model of smart retail, and builds a data-centric realization of the whole world. Time global, full chain and full warehouse management mode.

In the annual selection of the Light of Science and Technology Innovation, Laiku Technology is committed to expanding the smart retail scene, creating rich retail OMO scenes at all levels, and infiltrating the eight major initiatives of smart retail network-wide marketing into every link of business development, the “core” of smart retail Continue to innovate. From the technical aspect, we have developed the “front warehouse + cloud warehouse” distribution method, which solves the problem of offline store warehousing and logistics, greatly shortens the delivery time, reduces the pressure on store inventory, and improves the product turnover rate. Make this smart retail system the most efficient system in the industry. As a pioneer of smart retail, Laiku Technology won the 2021 Industry Innovation Model Award and the 2021 Digital Transformation Driving Force Award respectively.

Laiku makes full use of the key elements in the industrial chain to build a smarter and more complete smart retail industry ecology, and jointly explore a new smart retail model that reconstructs the traditional retail “people, goods, and market”. By cooperating with ecological partners, we will provide consumers with 3C electronics and related scene products and services. With the core concept of smart retail, cool life, and winning the world, we are inspired and pioneering to create a new way of smart life for users. Create China’s development and contribute to the cool power!

Historical experience has repeatedly shown that those countries that have seized the opportunity of the scientific and technological revolution to modernize are all countries with a solid scientific foundation; those countries that have seized the opportunity of the scientific and technological revolution to become world powers are all countries that are leading the way in important scientific and technological fields. Since the beginning of the 21st century, global technological innovation has been unprecedentedly intensive and active. The new generation of information technology represented by artificial intelligence, quantum information, mobile communications, Internet of Things, and blockchain accelerates breakthrough applications, and the life sciences represented by synthetic biology, gene editing, brain science, and regenerative medicine have nurtured new ones Revolution, advanced manufacturing technology integrating robotics, digitization, and new materials is accelerating the transformation of manufacturing to intelligent, servicing, and green… The new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation is restructuring the global innovation landscape and reshaping the global economic structure . Opportunities always favor those who are prepared. Laiku Technology will grasp the general trend of historical development, devote itself to the trend of the times, and make contributions to technological innovation.

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