Diodes company’s ultra-high power density charger overall solution, with higher efficiency, more space-saving product advantages

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Diodes Incorporated (Nasdaq: DIOD) has introduced a three-chip solution that enhances the performance of ultra-high power density USB Type-C™ power delivery (PD) systems. The solution products can be applied to a variety of consumer Electronic product applications such as smart phone chargers and notebook computer transformers.

Diodes company’s ultra-high power density charger overall solution, with higher efficiency, more space-saving product advantages

AP43771V USB Type-C PD decoder is compatible with PD3.0, PPS Rev 3.0, V1.2 (TID – 4305) and Qualcomm® Quick Charge® QC4/QC4+/QC5 (QC20201127203) and many other communication protocols. This product supports 3.3V to 24V operating voltage, and can be used with all main firmware’s single-write (OTP) ROM and multiple-write (MTP) ROM to store user-set data.

In the charging state, AP43771V can support various intelligent power management systems through I2C and GPIO pins and built-in application firmware, such as intelligent power sharing among multiple charging ports, thermal power derating, LED light indication and fault indication, etc.

The AP3306 is an Active Clamp Flyback (ACF) controller with zero voltage switching (ZVS) and magnetic energy recovery for better operating efficiency. This product can be used with an integrated driver GaN FET, a Cascode GaN FET, or a MOSFET as a low-side primary switch. The AP3306 integrates the high-side AFC gate driver control function, and utilizes a high-side MOS switch with limited current capability to form a leakage energy recovery circuit. This highly integrated and cost-effective component can effectively reduce the total bill of materials (BOM) cost and save board space.

The APR340 is a secondary-side synchronous rectification (SR) MOSFET driver optimized for use with the AP3306. This product has a built-in pulse linear regulator and operates in constant current (CC) mode to protect the charging system. The system can output a minimum voltage of 2V, which is of great help in the application of programmable power supply (PPS).

The AP43771V is available in W-DFN3030-14 and W-QFN4040-24 packages. The package type of AP3306 is SO-10, and the package type of APR340 is SOT26.

 About Diodes Incorporated

Diodes Corporation (Nasdaq: DIOD), an S&P Small Cap 600 and Russell 3000 member company, provides high-quality semiconductor products to the world’s leading companies in the consumer electronics, computing, communications, industrial and automotive markets. We have a broad product portfolio to meet customer needs, including discrete, analog, logic and mixed-signal products as well as advanced packaging technologies. Our broad range of application-specific solutions and solution-oriented sales, combined with 31 global sites covering engineering, testing, manufacturing and customer service, make us a premium supplier in high-volume, high-growth markets.

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