Application scheme of satellite navigation system combined with LoRa

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[Introduction]Satellite navigation systems have been widely used in our daily life. How are satellite navigation systems and LoRa wireless communication combined with them? The following article will reveal the answer.

Satellite navigation system is one of the most promising and widely driving high-tech fields in the world today. It can provide users with all-weather position, speed and time information at any location on the earth’s surface or near-Earth space. It has become the information age. The infrastructure of national security and economy is of great significance in political and economic aspects. At present, the satellite navigation systems used in China include GPS and the Beidou satellite navigation system independently developed by my country.

Application scheme of satellite navigation system combined with LoRa

Figure 1 Satellite Navigation System

Satellite navigation systems have played an important role in promoting the development of the national economy. In transportation, the Beidou application of “two passengers and one danger” vehicles is one of the best areas for the Beidou system to demonstrate the application and drive the large-scale application of Beidou. The Beidou system can remind drivers of speeding and fatigued driving, which has reduced the rate of major road traffic accidents and casualties by 50% in recent years.

In animal husbandry, traditional grazing methods have low utilization rate of pastures, and it is difficult for herdsmen to comprehensively and conveniently grasp information on pasture growth, meteorological disasters and animal epidemics. The application of satellite navigation technology in animal husbandry production can establish a characteristic ecological breeding model of herdsman information service, forage resource utilization, livestock dynamic monitoring, epidemic early warning, meteorological disaster forecast, and refined rotation management. This technology combines communication technologies such as 4G/LoRa with satellite navigation, and can establish automatic grassland monitoring stations and ecological animal husbandry data service platforms.

In addition to the above two applications, satellite navigation systems are also widely used in agricultural farming, outdoor personnel positioning and other fields. At present, the application of satellite navigation system is mainly to combine the positioning chip (module) with the 4G/LoRa communication network. The 4G/LoRa communication network can upload the position information to the position monitoring platform at any time, and grasp the position of the monitored person or item in real time. Dynamic Information. If the coverage of the cellular network is not achieved in some remote areas, in order to monitor the location information of some devices, a private network must be set up to report and transmit the location information. At present, the most commonly used method is to set up LoRa base stations to achieve LoRa network coverage in a certain area, and to realize the combination of LoRa and satellite positioning systems.

Application scheme of satellite navigation system combined with LoRa

Figure 2 LoRa combined with satellite navigation system

Zhiyuan Electronics LoRa intelligent networking chip supports LoRa, FSK, GFSK and other modulation methods, combined with spectrum widening processing technology, it solves the problem of long-distance communication with small data volume in complex environments. The working frequency band is 470MHz~510MHz, supports embedded ad hoc network transparent transmission protocol, supports one-key networking, provides LinkWAN protocol, CLAA protocol and LoRaWAN protocol, the chip has built-in 32-bit Arm┬« Cortex┬«-M0+ core resource open, the main frequency is 48MHz, 256K-byte large-capacity Flash, 32K-byte large-capacity SRAM is convenient for users to carry out secondary development of functions, which can save customers’ MCU resources.

Application scheme of satellite navigation system combined with LoRa

Figure 3 Zhiyuan Electronics LoRa intelligent networking chip

In addition to networking chips, Zhiyuan Electronics can also provide LoRaWAN/LoRaNET gateway products, which can help users quickly build a network, provide mature and reliable protocols, and speed up the development of customer products.

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