Weikong Technology Intelligent Hotel Room Control System Solution

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1. Design description

The hotel guest room control system is based on the bus-type network system. The whole system includes two parts: computer network communication management software and intelligent guest room control hardware system equipment. It adopts mature TCP/IP communication protocol and large SQL Server (client/server model) database to ensure the stability and reliability of the entire system.
The network-based guest room information and control system integrates intelligent lighting control, air conditioning control, service control and management functions. It has the characteristics of intelligence, networking and standardization. The high-level managers and service personnel conduct timely and accurate analysis and processing of a large number of dynamic and complex data and information generated in the hotel operation process, so that hotel management can truly enter scientific management from experience management.

2. System wiring scheme

The bottom layer of the system directly adopts the standard TCP/IP communication transmission protocol. Each guest room controller has its own independent network address. Five types of network cables are used for serial connection between the guest room controllers. Save a lot of labor and material costs for separate wiring. The data of each floor is centralized and forwarded through the floor server, so as to ensure the integrity and stability of the system data.

Weikong Technology Intelligent Hotel Room Control System Solution

Figure 1 Schematic diagram of guest room functions

Weikong Technology Intelligent Hotel Room Control System Solution

Figure 2 Network topology

3. In-room equipment

RTU-7600 Intelligent Guest Room Controller
All equipment control center in the guest room, embedded 24MHz high-speed CPU, powerful core to provide rich functional support, card control – guests enter the room card, automatically turn on the corridor lights, and turn on the left and right bedside lights to 50% brightness at the same time, the guest pulls the card to leave the room After 10-30 seconds, the controlled lights and electrical appliances in the guest rooms will automatically turn off after a delay of 10-30 seconds.
A.Dimming circuit: 2 channels of 220V 3A, adjustable for various resistive white woven lights or Electronic low-voltage lights except fluorescent lights, stepless adjustment, the brightness of the light is very uniform and soft
b.Control circuit: 32 channels of 220V 10A, can control various electrical appliances, lighting equipment, air conditioners and fans, overcurrent is protected by a fuse
c. Air conditioning control: with the fan thermostat, it can realize the automatic temperature control of the guest room or the manual control of the high, medium and low speed of the coil fan.
D.Service system: Do not disturb, please clean up immediately, can be connected to the doorbell three-in-one sign
E.Power master control function: Press the master control button or pull out the card to turn off all controlled electrical appliances and lights in the room
F.Ethernet interface: each control is assigned a fixed local area network ip address, which is convenient for remote download and maintenance and upgrade
g.Anti-crash design: built-in watchdog function, even in case of crash under harsh electromagnetic interference environment, it can automatically reset and resume operation
H.Fully pluggable design: connected to the junction box with fully pluggable cables for easy disassembly and maintenance
i. Powerful expansion functions: The controller is connected to the networked electronic door lock, safe, identification card insertion card to take power, and the bedside centralized controller.
Card access switch:
The system is designed with a power-saving key card control box to realize power-saving and energy-saving control of the centralized control system at the bedside of the guest room. After checking in and inserting the key card, the system automatically lights up the designated lamps in different time periods according to the control program, and automatically starts the air conditioning system, which can meet the functional requirements of the engineering design. After leaving the house and taking out the key card, after a delay for a period of time, all the designated lamps will be automatically cut off, and the air conditioner will be automatically activated to enter the empty room to maintain the temperature working state.
Fan Thermostat:
Guest room coil fan adjustment switch panel: luminous segment type digital tube temperature Display, touch button adjustment, concise and practical, 86 boxes installed on the wall.
Electronic door lock:
Network type, according to user needs to choose to use.

4. System function

The above technical solutions and hardware equipment can fully meet the functional requirements of domestic star-rated hotel rooms:
(1) Each room is equipped with an intelligent networked control host, and all controlled electrical appliances and lights in the guest room are controlled by the control host.The control principle is weak current control strong current, all panel switch inputs are DC12V DC voltage
(2) The control host can be connected to various lights (incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, dimming lamps), fans and other controlled electrical equipment, and the lighting can be set to dual-control multi-control mode
(3) The control method adopts the large rocker switch on the wall and the scene touch switch.
(4) Three-in-one signage for cleaning outside the door, do not disturb, and doorbell button, which is convenient to display the service situation
(5) The aisle is equipped with an intelligent identification power-saving switch. After the guest enters the room and inserts the card, the designated light is automatically turned on.
(6) The wall temperature control switch controls the indoor temperature and coil fan. After the guest leaves the room, it will automatically be in a low-speed energy-saving state. The front desk of the hotel can set the room temperature in advance when the guest checks into the hotel.
(7) Infrared probes can be installed in the guest rooms to automatically turn on the corresponding lights after sensing the human body
(8) The electronic safe can be managed online, and the password can be freely set
(10) The control host has an Ethernet interface and an independent IP address. All rooms are connected to the Internet through the floor router. Once the room status changes, it will be sent to the database computer to realize real-time management of hotel room services.
(11) The system data and guest room data are stored in the server SQL Server database, and the database adopts the C/S mode
(12) Front desk, guest rooms, engineering and other departments set up computers as needed to manage and monitor room status

5. System software part – room service real-time information management software system

The hotel room computer real-time information management software provides a software interface for centralized management of hotel room status and information. It can access the server database in the Client/Server (client/server) mode through the Ethernet TCP/IP protocol. The intuitive interactive way is dynamically displayed, which facilitates monitoring and control. The server operating system can be adapted to a variety of platforms (UNIX, LINUS, WINDOWS NT4.0, WINDOWS 2000 SERVER), and the client software (front desk, floor, guest room, engineering, manager and other departmental computers) can be adapted to Simplified Chinese WINDOWS 98, 2000, XP and other platforms, graphical interface, intuitive image, easy to use, simple to operate.

Weikong Technology Intelligent Hotel Room Control System Solution

Figure 3 Hotel guest room real-time information management software client

6. Interface with wine management software

The room service computer real-time management system is relatively independent. The system has standard hard interface and soft interface. The database adopts standard structured query SQL language, which can easily exchange data with other hotel standard equipment, wine management software such as FIDELIO, etc. The software platform and The database can also be established according to the requirements of the wine management system and the card.

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