Blacklist news caused SMIC’s A shares and Hong Kong stock prices to plummet

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Last Saturday, some US media reported that the US government is considering whether to add China’s largest chip maker SMIC to the trade blacklist. This news also attracted widespread attention in the industry. Attention, if this is the case, then SMIC will face the same situation as Huawei next.

Reports at the time mentioned that the U.S. government was working with other agencies to determine whether action was needed against SMIC. At that time, American suppliers may need to apply for a special license before supplying to SMIC.

Subsequently, SMIC publicly stated that, as an internationally operating integrated circuit manufacturing company listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and A-shares in mainland China, the company strictly abides by the laws and regulations of relevant countries and regions, and has always legally followed the laws and regulations on this basis. It has established good cooperative relations with many well-known semiconductor equipment suppliers in the United States and internationally. The US Department of Commerce has issued many important export licenses for the equipment imported and purchased by SMIC over the years.

Blacklist news caused SMIC’s A shares and Hong Kong stock prices to plummet

The announcement also pointed out that any reports about “SMIC’s involvement in the military” are false news, and they are shocked and puzzled by this. SMIC is willing to communicate with relevant US government departments in a sincere, open and transparent manner to resolve possible differences and misunderstandings.

No matter what the U.S. government does in the end, at least the above news still hurt SMIC. After the market opened today, both SMIC’s A shares and Hong Kong shares fell sharply. Among them, Hong Kong shares fell the most, with a drop of more than 19%. The decline was around 9%.

Some industry insiders bluntly said that the current 14nm process of SMIC is based on American technology. If the above news is true, then the damage to SMIC will be very large, so the current feedback from investors is also very important. normal.

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