Arm Announces Arm 5G Solutions Lab to Enable End-to-End 5G Networks

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In order to accelerate the development of network and edge infrastructure solutions so that everyone can enjoy the convenience brought by 5G, with the support of industry partners, Arm announced the establishment of Arm 5G Solutions Lab in cooperation with Tech Mahindra. Tech Mahindra is a leading provider of digital transformation, consulting, business process reengineering services and solutions, a major 5G system integrator for communication service providers, and an engineering R&D partner for communication technology providers. The Arm 5G Solutions Lab will focus on accelerating innovation in network infrastructure, providing a platform for Arm’s hardware and software ecosystem partners, and demonstrating end-to-end solutions in a field test environment.

“Given the momentum in the Open RAN community, we see a need to make multi-vendor platforms easily accessible to operators and enterprises looking to deploy private networks,” said Chris Bergey, senior vice president and general manager of Arm’s Infrastructure Group. Partners and operators provide secure access to verify solutions and establish access to small cells, macro cells, dedicated 5G networks, CloudRAN, RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC), and core networks through a range of key application scenarios. confidence in new technologies, including.”

This year is a year of milestone breakthroughs in 5G commercial use. More than 60 countries around the world have deployed commercial 5G networks. In addition to this, the number of 5G connections worldwide is expected to reach 692 million by the end of this year. And this is just the beginning. Over the next few years, more infrastructure will be needed to unlock the true potential of 5G; much of this will be driven by chips based on the Arm architecture. These networks will continue to evolve to enable more sophisticated technical capabilities, better offerings and enhanced service offerings, expanding new use cases and revenue streams.

The power of collaboration

The speed and throughput of a robust network solution are important, but in order to further enable operators and equipment manufacturers to deploy an infrastructure that will help realize the promise and potential of the 5G era, the participation of the entire industry is required.

The Arm 5G Solutions Lab is a meeting point for hardware and software developers, operators, and cloud service providers, where they can jointly define KPIs, roadmaps and deployment guidelines to drive 5G innovation and ultimately achieve rapid revenue growth. Arm believes that the lab will be a catalyst for the Arm ecosystem to develop and deploy 5G network infrastructure, able to take full advantage of the inherent advantages of the Arm architecture in terms of performance, power consumption and cost.

This initiative is only possible through the support of the Arm ecosystem. The lab is already supported by industry leaders, including cloud service providers such as Google Cloud, chip and hardware suppliers such as EdgeQ, GIGABYTE, Marvell, NVIDIA, NXP, and Qualcomm Technologies , operators such as DISH and Vodafone, software partners such as Accelleran, Mavenir, Parallel Wireless, Radisys, Saankhya Labs and Tech Mahindra, and organisations such as the GSMA. Different types of partners from the ecosystem will continue to join to support the rapid innovation and flexibility requirements of network technology.

The Arm 5G Solutions Lab is expected to open to developers in early 2022. To learn more about joining the lab, visit the Arm 5G Solutions Lab or attend this week’s Arm DevSummit.

  Partner Testimonials:

“Accelleran is excited to be part of Arm’s 5G Solutions Lab with the dRAX RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC) platform. This initiative will lower the barriers to entry for partners to explore new solutions including developing xApps/rApps, etc. Foster innovation in the 5G ecosystem.”

Stan Claes, CEO of Acelleran

“DISH is blazing a new path to build the nation’s first 5G network based on the cloud and Open RAN framework. At the Arm 5G Solutions Lab, we can collaborate and leverage the outstanding work being done by the entire Arm partner ecosystem Together, we will drive innovation to help deliver the true promise of 5G in the future solutions DISH delivers to customers across industries.”

Sidd Chenumolu, VP of Technology Development at DISH

“EdgeQ was founded with a vision to reconfigure wireless infrastructure in a completely open and seamless way. We are excited to see the Arm 5G Solutions Lab providing customers with the ability to access and use innovative solutions, such as EdgeQ’s fully programmable 5G base stations Chip. We lower the barrier to entry for 5G for small cells and macro cells with an EdgeQ chip-based hardware platform and customizable RAN software, and the Arm 5G Solutions Lab is also instrumental in ecosystem integrity, outreach and community. uphold that spirit.”

Adil Kidwai, Head of Product Management at EdgeQ

“Gigabyte has seen the efficiency and total cost of ownership benefits of the Arm architecture in Ampere Altra servers for the cloud and edge server markets. The Arm 5G Solutions Lab offers great potential for innovations of all kinds, and they will be here too. Discovered, created and tested in the lab, we are proud to support this work at Arm, bringing together the industry and better supporting developers.”

Akira Hoshino, Head of Product Strategy and Planning, GIGABYTE

“5G networks can bring unprecedented value to businesses and consumers, and this requires new partnerships across a broad ecosystem of hardware vendors, software vendors and telecom operators. Google Cloud is excited to Partnering with Arm on the 5G Solutions Lab to create innovative approaches to accelerate the development and deployment of 5G technologies.”

Ankur Jain, Distinguished Engineer and Head of Engineering, Google Cloud for Telecom & Google Distributed Cloud

“The mobile industry is one of the most influential and public platforms in the world. By the end of 2021, 5G networks will cover one-fifth of the world’s population. This plan, by interacting with the wider ecosystem, nurtures all 5G technologies. Innovation that drives innovation. The GSMA believes the possibilities are endless as smart connections increase in speed and strength. We look forward to working with Arm and others in the ecosystem to unlock the full potential of 5G.”

Alex Sinclair, Chief Technology Officer, GSMA

“Marvell is excited to be a part of Arm’s 5G Solutions Labs program to facilitate new innovative use cases for 5G through our unique end-to-end RAN platform spanning compute, networking, security and optoelectronics. Our field-proven OCTEON The Fusion™ baseband family will help global operators, infrastructure providers and cloud service providers deliver high-performance, virtualized, software-defined RAN infrastructure at cloud scale.”

Raj Singh, Executive Vice President of Marvell’s Processor Business Group

“The importance of open and dynamically programmable networks has been well recognized given the global momentum in 5G deployments and our outlook for 6G. As a strong proponent of the open cloud-native network infrastructure of the future, Mavenir is excited to partner with Arm, Enabling end-to-end network solutions. Open telecom infrastructure requires an ecosystem of general-purpose computing providers, and this partnership with Arm aligns with this goal.”

Mavenir President and CEO Pardeep Kohli

“Network vendors are looking for more options in how 5G systems are created and deployed. The Arm 5G Solutions Lab brings the entire ecosystem together, enabling developers to build and test on Arm architecture-based technologies, thereby Provide more diverse network infrastructure solutions. This is critical as we enter the AI-on-5G era.”

Soma Velayutham, general manager of NVIDIA’s AI and 5G business

“The Arm 5G Solutions Lab underscores the open, software-defined nature of the 5G infrastructure space with devices powered by NXP and other silicon. Both NXP and Arm have a strong focus on technology and innovation leadership, and this lab will showcase our Collaborative work on interoperability and performance to accelerate new 5G deployments will help accelerate the adoption of new 5G NR solutions in global markets.”

Tareq Bustami, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Network Edge, NXP Semiconductors

“Parallel Wireless is helping Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) around the world create open and interoperable networks. We are excited to be part of the Arm 5G Solutions Lab ecosystem along with many other labs to participate in software trials to Further enable openness and collaboration for various solution stack use cases.”

Steve Papa, CEO and Founder, Parallel Wireless

“As a leader in open telecom solutions, Radisys is excited to work with Arm and like-minded partners in the new Arm 5G Solutions Lab to accelerate the development of an open and interoperable 5G ecosystem. We The cloud-native Connect RAN 5G software suite is compliant with the 3GPP R16 specification and Open RAN architecture and can be integrated with a variety of hardware options to expand the open ecosystem. We look forward to working closely in the Arm 5G Solutions Lab to support multiple use cases .”

Munish Chhabra, Head of Mobile Software and Services at Radisys

“Qualcomm Technologies has continued to lead the cellular infrastructure industry and help deliver on the promise of 5G for over a decade by providing the Qualcomm® RAN platform for small cells. We understand that realizing the true benefits of the 5G era requires a cross-ecosystem approach. Collaborative and open, we are proud to support the Arm 5G Solutions Lab to simplify the development of next-generation infrastructure for software and hardware developers.”

Durga Malladi, Senior Vice President and General Manager, 5G Business, Mobile Broadband and Infrastructure, Qualcomm Technologies

“India is in the midst of a wave of 5G innovation. To build 5G networks, the Indian telecom ecosystem of network operators and OEM/ODMs such as Saankhya Labs is actively developing modular, interoperable best-in-class hardware and software Widespread deployment of 5G depends on maintaining performance and efficiency while maintaining a low total cost of ownership. The Arm 5G Solutions Lab is bringing together industry elites to further collaborate and build solutions that will drive the next generation of 5G infrastructure .”

Parag Naik, Co-founder and CEO of Saankhya Labs

“5G is the network of the future, but we must put the tools in the hands of developers to deliver on the full promise of 5G. Tech Mahindra has invested heavily in engineering R&D support for 5G/Open RAN providers, including OEMs, ISVs, testing and Verification supplier and communication chip solution provider. Through the cooperation with Arm in Arm 5G Solutions Lab, Tech Mahindra is committed to providing first-class 5G/Open RAN engineering experience and scalable 5G lab infrastructure, allowing developers to New ideas can be built and tested with key players in the industry in a secure and collaborative environment.”

Sandeep Phadke, Senior Vice President and Head of Europe (Communications Media, Entertainment and Technology Business), Tech Mahindra

“The creation of the Arm 5G Solutions Lab is a positive move for the industry and will help accelerate the development and rollout of Arm architecture-based solutions to benefit the entire Open RAN ecosystem and provide mobile operators Bringing more available solution options.”

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