China Unicom and Huawei launch 5G-Advanced technical solutions

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On May 17, China Unicom and Huawei held a 5G-Advanced technology joint innovation conference. Focusing on China Unicom’s new brand identity “Innovation, Walking with Wisdom”, the two parties jointly proposed three major 5G-Advanced technical solutions for the “Wisdom” series, including “Intelligent Construction New Horizons”, “Intelligent Sharing”, “Smart Super Perception” Wait.

China Unicom and Huawei have identified three new industrial tracks in the future, and proposed three major 5G-Advanced technologies in the “smart” series: “Intelligent Construction New Horizons” for XR virtual interaction, and upstream industries such as mass live broadcast and broadband Internet of Things. The “Intelligent Sharing Big Upward” is aimed at the “smart super perception” of new industries such as high-precision positioning, Internet of Vehicles, drones, and intelligent driving.

It has been more than a year since the commercial use of 5G in my country in 2019. With the continuous expansion of the scale of base stations and the continuous commercialization of industrial applications, my country’s 5G development speed has far exceeded expectations.

However, with the upgrading and transformation needs of all walks of life in the industrial development, higher requirements for bandwidth and communication are also put forward. Bandwidth applications will generate ultra-large bandwidth and ultra-large traffic demands.

For another example, with the acceleration of the digital transformation of the entire industry, the demand for toC/toB upstream services has exploded, and upstream industry tracks including high-definition live broadcast economy, broadband Internet of Things, and machine vision are gradually brewing. Behind the development of these industries, all are inseparable. Open the blessing of 5G technology.

In order to further broaden the boundaries of 5G capabilities and open up new market space, China Unicom and Huawei have joined hands to launch a 5G-Advanced technical solution, which mainly covers three major directions –

“Intelligent Construction New Horizon” for XR virtual interaction; “Intelligent Sharing” for upstream industries such as mass live broadcast and broadband Internet of Things; hypersensitivity”.

For these three technical solutions, Ding Yun, Huawei’s executive director and president of the operator’s BG, said at the press conference that these three solutions are aimed at the three future industrial tracks.

China has built the world’s largest 5G network, and 5G will move towards a high-quality development stage. In the future, application scenarios will continue to be upgraded, and 5G needs to continue to evolve to inject new capabilities into the intelligent connection of everything. On the three future-oriented industry tracks, China Unicom and Huawei proposed 5G-Advanced innovative technologies of “Intelligent Construction New Horizon”, “Intelligent Sharing”, and “Intelligent Super Perception”.

Ding Yun said at the press conference.

5G-Advanced is the name of the evolution of 5G officially established by 3GPP at the 46th PCG (Project Cooperation Group) meeting on April 27. At the same time, the meeting also decided that 5G-Advanced will start from R18. The R18 version will be approved at the end of the year, and the standard is expected to be frozen by the end of 2023.

In addition, Gan Bin, vice president of Huawei’s wireless network product line, explained the value of 5G. He said that the value of 5G’s large bandwidth and multiple antennas has been realized. Facing the evolution of 5G, Sub 100G full spectrum will move to 5G, full-band intelligent aggregation and uplink and downlink decoupling. Build a new capability of positioning perception and lead the future of 5G intelligently.

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