Shaanxi: Building a Photonics Industry Innovation Consortium, Empowering Innovation-Driven Development

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YONON, June 9 News Photonic technology is currently widely used in communications, chips, computing, storage, Display and other fields. The 3D face recognition and driverless vehicles we are in contact with all use photonic technology.

Recently, the Shaanxi Photonics Industry Innovation Consortium was established in Xi’an. This consortium is a platform for innovation-driven and scientific and technological achievements transformation in the field of photonics by integrating photonics industry-related enterprises and uniting a number of photonics technology innovation units in accordance with the provincial party committee and provincial government’s series of work arrangements for promoting the development of the photonics industry. By focusing on supporting the multi-party integration of “government-industry-university-research”, it will drive the agglomeration and development of the whole industry chain of photonic technology.

Mi Lei, Founding Partner and Co-CEO of Zhongke Chuangxing: Photonic technology can be applied not only in the field of information, but also in various fields of life. Photonic technology can be used to empower and promote the entire industry, so we think that this photonic technology Technology is the next epoch-making frontier technology, and this technology is of great significance for Shaanxi to catch up and surpass in the field of science and technology.

Xi’an University of Technology is one of the member units of the Photonics Industry Innovation Consortium. As early as 2015, the school established the Lidar Remote Sensing Research Center, forming a Lidar team composed of 15 postdoctoral fellows. At present, a number of advanced research results have been achieved in the fields of atmospheric detection, forest fire, and haze detection. .

Hua Dengxin, head of the Lidar Remote Sensing Research Center, Vice President of Xi’an University of Technology: Lidar is actually a terminal in the industrial chain of photonic technology. The laser remote sensing products we developed have now been observed in the Atmospheric Detection Center of Xi’an Meteorological Bureau. By comparison, we have achieved some leading research results at home and abroad, especially in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčatmospheric temperature and humidity, we can be said to be an international leader.

At present, the relevant scientific research achievements of Xi’an University of Technology mainly cooperate with relevant government departments to create demonstration and leading projects, but the degree of marketization is not high. With the establishment of the Photonics Industry Innovation Consortium, platforms and channels will be further built, and these cutting-edge technologies will be brought to larger application fields and markets through incubation, transformation, cultivation and other mechanisms and means.

Hua Dengxin, head of the Lidar Remote Sensing Research Center, Vice President of Xi’an University of Technology: The purpose of the Photon Industry Alliance is to be led by enterprises, we have talents, and we have technology. Therefore, if driven by the alliance (innovation consortium), some companies can (combine) with our high-end technology to form a productive force, serve the locality and industry, and form our unique high-end lidar product in China.

According to the plan, the photonic industry innovation consortium will focus on key fields such as advanced laser and photonic manufacturing, photonic materials and chips, photonic sensing, etc., implement the plan to supplement the chain, strengthen the chain and extend the chain, drive industrial upgrading, and cultivate industry leaders with key core technologies. , and actively promote the listing of enterprises. Goal By 2023, the province will add a new batch of photonic eagle or small giant enterprises, photonic technology champion enterprises, and locally cultivated photonic hard technology listed companies, drive leading photonics enterprises to set up headquarters in Shaanxi, and attract photonics enterprises to set up R&D centers in Shaanxi , the industry scale reached 100 billion yuan.

Mi Lei, Founding Partner and Co-CEO of Zhongke Chuangxing: We have gathered research institutes, universities and cutting-edge enterprises in the field of photonics in Shaanxi Province. Entrepreneurship can promote the transition from the innovation chain to the industrial chain and form a group of photonic industry clusters.

Photonics is the science of light, which is the technology of generating, transmitting, manipulating and detecting visible and invisible light. Almost all daily life services and commodities are closely related to photonics technology, especially the recent popular LiDAR, 3D imaging and 5G communication has further ensured that photonic technology has become a crucial field at present, and there is huge development potential in many technical applications.

At the same time, photonics is an emerging science after electronics and optoelectronics. With the opening of the digital economy era, the entire society is digitized, networked, and intelligent, and the construction of new infrastructure represented by 5G and data centers is accelerating. As the cornerstone of information and communication networks, the photonics industry will also accelerate the implementation of new infrastructure, laying a solid foundation for high-quality economic and social development.

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