Dry goods | Use our third-party ecosystem to design TI millimeter wave radars more easily

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If you are new to radar or are interested in using radar to replace existing sensing technology, you need to learn a lot whether it is designing a product or putting it into mass production. In order to lower the learning threshold, Texas Instruments (TI) has created a third-party ecosystem of radar experts, no matter what help you need, they can provide you with the corresponding solutions.

TI millimeter wave (mmWave) radar is a unique sensing technology that can provide distance, speed, and angle data at the same time to make your system intelligent. It is a single-chip solution with integrated processing and RF front-end. With its operating frequency on the electromagnetic spectrum, the millimeter wave sensor itself is not affected by harsh environmental conditions such as dust and rain. The combination (series connection) of multiple millimeter wave sensors can provide angular resolution similar to lidar, saving you high costs. In order to take full advantage of the capabilities of millimeter-wave radar, you may find it easier to use a third party to help solve various system-level radar challenges when integrating millimeter-wave radar chips into your design.

Why do we need a third party?

There are many reasons why you may need a third party. For example, you may need help to solve radar-specific engineering challenges, which may be pain points in the design process-RF and antenna design, radar algorithms, software development, and certification consulting.

For other engineers, they may not only need help, but also a modular complete radar system. The module is a hardware solution that integrates TI millimeter wave chips, printed circuit board (PCB) antenna, power supply and peripheral connections. Some modules even have weatherproof enclosures and industry or regulatory certifications. The software supported by these modules is different, including demonstration software and application layer software for specific types of terminal devices.

Ultimately, third parties can speed up the mass production process and shorten the time to market. However, despite all these possibilities, it is difficult to determine what functions each third party provides.

Find a suitable third party

How do you find a third party that meets your specific needs? Internet search? Industry contact information? Make endless calls, only to find that this company does not have the expertise you need? Imagine a place that provided third-party information about millimeter wave radars in an organized and easily sorted format. Industrial millimeter wave third-party search tools can turn this idea into reality.

After downloading and opening the Excel file, you will first see the Overview worksheet, as well as three other worksheets: Turn Key, Evaluation, and Services. Each worksheet is dedicated to a different category.

If you are not familiar with radar, you may want to know which category sheet to go to.

The Turnkey worksheet shows a complete hardware and software solution designed for a specific application. If you need ready-made modules that can be used in production, please check this category.

The Evaluation worksheet provides a hardware solution with demonstration software. If you are interested in accelerating software development and evaluating proof-of-concepts, please review this worksheet.

The Services worksheet contains third parties who can help with various radar hardware and software parts throughout the design cycle (including custom work).

Figure 1 shows some examples of solutions in each category.


Dry goods | Use our third-party ecosystem to design TI millimeter wave radars more easily

Figure 1: a) WAYV Air designed by Ainstein

b) Industrial radar module designed by D3 Engineering

c) PCB antenna and software

Sorting function

Figure 2 shows an example of how to sort by TI device, application, and angular resolution. You can use up to 18 parameters to help narrow your search. Use the drop-down menus and checkboxes to sort the columns by parameters relevant to you, such as application, country, or antenna specifications.


Dry goods | Use our third-party ecosystem to design TI millimeter wave radars more easily

Figure 2: Sorting parameters in the search tool

When the module meets your parameters, you will find the website and email contact information in the S, T, and U columns.

After completing the above operations, you can find a suitable third party and get in touch with it.

If you consider “I understand the benefits of millimeter wave radar, but I just don’t see a clear mass production process”, then when you download search tools, browse categories, sort by relevant parameters, and contact third parties, you will find satisfaction The ideal path to your unique needs.

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