ON Semiconductor: WIFI perception changes the future of smart life

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Perception application technology is currently a hot technology in the world. How to develop and utilize perception application technology will play a vital role in the future development of intelligence. WIFI perception is to use the existing functions of WIFI, through simple existing equipment, and finally realize the next generation of perception applications in various fields such as security, telemedicine, and home automation.

Currently, ON Semiconductor is working closely with international cutting-edge scientific research institutions to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) motion detection and WIFI to provide solutions for various applications and services. The gradual application of these services will bring about tremendous changes in our future lives-without intervening in new sensing devices, using the WIFI function will not only reduce the input cost for the family, but also provide full Convenient conditions for coverage.

Using existing WIFI has many advantages. Wi-Fi is now almost everywhere and has been deployed in most homes and buildings. Wi-Fi perception is an inherently cost-effective motion detection solution. There is no need to build a new ecosystem because it does not require any dedicated equipment, sensors or invasive cameras. In addition, the reuse of widely deployed technologies will shorten the development of many perception applications, which can be deployed and popularized as soon as possible.

ON Semiconductor’s QV952C 4×4 Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) chipset supports Aerial’s compact Motion Capture Plug-in (Motion Capture Plug), which is also deployed in homes where service providers do not provide WIFI infrastructure. In this way, the motion capture plug-in establishes a motion sensing area between it and the WIFI access point of the service to create motion sensing coverage in the entire living space, and the full coverage function of the service can also be used.

Through the continuous development and application of WIFI perception technology, service providers can easily extend their service scope to consumers’ homes, and through WIFI reuse, provide customers with convenience and value-added services with minimal investment, without the need to use additional sensing equipment And so on, to provide convenience and operability to the family. At present, the advanced Wi-Fi solutions of Aerial and ON Semiconductor have been used in some fields. For example, remote care programs are easier to access for those who need it.

As the problem of aging in the world becomes more and more serious, more than 30% of the world’s population is over 65 years old, and the elderly population will double in the next 50 years. As a result, the application of remote care services will become an inevitable choice for every family, and it will also become an inevitable choice for every intelligent community. AERO’s remote care program will be accepted by more families and communities due to its advantages of simplicity, effectiveness, low cost, and comprehensive functional coverage.

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