E-Axle drive motor system won the Grand Prix Nihon Keizai Shimbun Award

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Nidec’s drive motor system “E-Axle” won the “Best Award of Nikkei” in the “2019 Nikkei Excellent Product and Service Award”.

The “E-Axle” drive motor system for new energy vehicles developed, produced, and sold by Nidec was awarded the “Best of Excellence” in the “2019 Nikkei Excellent Product and Service Award (38th)” hosted by the Nikkei Awarded the Nihon Keizai Shimbun Award”.

The predecessor of the “Nikkei Excellent Product and Service Award” is the “Nikkei Annual Excellent Product Award” that began in 1982. The award is awarded once a year to recognize the best new products and services of the year. The award adopts an internal selection method. The Nikkei Newspaper will select at least 150 new products and services from about 20,000 new products and services sold in the year as the selection objects. In the end, the general review committee will select 40 products and services for the award. The award.

In 2019, the general review committee consists of 8 judges. They mainly focus on six aspects: ① technology development, ② cost performance, ③ contribution to performance, ④ growth, ⑤ uniqueness, ⑥ impact on industry and society. Comprehensive evaluation of participating products. The general review committee praised the miniaturization of the product and the realization of high-quality assurance and control of production costs through the independent production of main parts. It also emphasized that the product has the potential to gain the world market.

Nidec’s “E-Axle” was mass-produced for the first time in the world in April 2019. The product integrates a motor, inverter, and reducer, so it has the characteristics of miniaturization and light weight. Its maximum power reaches 150kW, and its maximum system output torque reaches 3,900Nm, but its weight is only 87kg, which is about half the weight of a fuel-fueled engine with the same level of power. In view of future market demand, the company will build second and third factories in Zhejiang and Dalian on the basis of the existing first factory (Zhejiang).

In recent years, people have paid more and more attention to global warming and air pollution caused by carbon dioxide and automobile exhaust, and other world-wide environmental and energy issues. Therefore, major automobile manufacturers have begun to accelerate the pace of research and development of electric vehicle-related technologies. Nidec is the world’s leading integrated motor manufacturer. In the future, it will make full use of the light, thin and short technology, high energy efficiency technology and control technology accumulated over the years to provide indispensable products to users around the world.

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